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Digital Foundry has PS4 specs!?

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User Info: axelfooley2k5

4 years ago#21
im in early at 400$$
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User Info: n0matter

4 years ago#22
This is crap. If it's over $300, there's no way...
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User Info: RockSauron

4 years ago#23
So, speaking as someone with absolutely no knowledge about what any of that means... About how big a jump from the PS3 would you say this is?
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User Info: DaLagga

4 years ago#24
Raven-Z posted...
8-core CPU @ 1.6ghz compared to the Cell's 6-SPU CPU at 3.2ghz?

Am I missing something here?

Yes. The PS3 doesn't have "6 cores at 3.2ghz each". It essentially has a single 3.2ghz core which communicates with 8 SPU's (6 usable for games). It's hard to compare this to a more conventional PC CPU because the SPU's are rather unique and can handle graphics operations. But suffice it to say, a PC with something as low end as a good dual core paired with something like an 8800 series Nvidia GPU will be able to produce better graphics than he PS3 could ever hope to handle.

Long story short, the Cell isn't anywhere near as fast as what will be in the PS4, and even that is supposedly much weaker than a good quad-core intel CPU in PC's today (according to DF).
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User Info: DiligentTree

4 years ago#26
este914 posted...
DiligentTree posted...
4GB GDDR5?! Holy hell, that is impossibly crazy. The newest graphic cards which cost ridiculous amounts only have around 2GB.

The new Xbox is rumored to have 8GB DDR3 (with 3GB reserved for the OS), which is horribly slow and obsolete compared to the new PS4. I hope that changes.

Why do you hope that changes?

Well, 4GB GDDR5 blows 8GB DDR3 out of the water in so many aspects. Multi-platform games will have to follow the faults of the new Xbox and will never really utilize the power of GDDR5. :/

PS4 exclusives will look amazing, though.
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User Info: DiligentTree

4 years ago#27
Also, with the inclusion of 4GB GDDR5 this beast will most likely be hellish expensive. I hope they surprise me.
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User Info: ArkonBlade

4 years ago#28
well if specs hold true should be a pretty beast of a machine but untill sony shows it off them selves its still rumor to me.
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User Info: darkstar4221

4 years ago#29
este914 posted...
512mb to the OS.... ew.....

As long as it's not running Windows.

User Info: Eroyume

4 years ago#30
More conflicting reports.

I'll wait for official specs, thanks.
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