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Tomb Raider Trophies/Achievements require extensive time in multiplayer

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User Info: TheRatedR_Viper

4 years ago#71
From: SomnusNemoris | #057
TheRatedR_Viper posted...
Yeah, Multiplayer for some other game... It's not like they stuck some important team that was making single player games on this. It's ... their MP division ... basically their job lol.

And guess what, that mutilplayer team costs resources. But because they're a multiplayer team, they couldn't possibly ever switch to single player right? You're such a back-pedaller as well; I remember you whining, something you do often, about multiplayer yourself. You even lauded Rocksteady for refusing to put it in Arkahm City. Lol Robertowned.

I'm owned because something like Ascensions MP has changed my opinion on the subject? Here's all that really matters , if a game or series will sell a little better due to some outsourced MP than I'm all for it. Tomb Raiders MP could be fantastic for all we know. I never once even addressed you , just people mad that this will affect their trophy lists. So what does that say about you , immediately attacking me

User Info: TheRatedR_Viper

4 years ago#72
Also , if there's MP in a game I don't mind there being online trophies. In any semi-challenging list there should be as a Platinum trophy means you've mastered everything that game has to offer. Tough s*** if you waited 3 years to play the game but in any good game there's still a community. People were still freaking playing Warhawk before they shut the servers down. People still even play Bioshock 2 because that online was a blast too.

User Info: Smash Master

Smash Master
4 years ago#73
3D3 posted...
antoinejones posted...
ok i fail to see the problem.. the uncharted 2 multiplayer trophies were worse than that, and UC3 multiplayer trophies are even worse.. the only thing in the TR list that looks time consuming or "requires boosting" is the reach max level trophy...

UC2 and 3s MP trophies that didnt consist of "reach highest level" were much harder.. Id even say some of the transformer fall of cybertron trophies for MP were bad.. and dont get me startered on warhawk, starhawk and binary domains MP trophies... TR is much "easier" than any of those games i listed

Well at least those MP trophies weren't required to platinum the game except for like 2 easy ones.

^That. Yeah, 2 and 3's DLC trophies are... pretty much nightmarish... but the only online trophies that count toward plat in either case are "Play one competitive match" and "Play one cooperative match." Both of those are perfectly fine.
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User Info: kuter

4 years ago#74
multiplayer trophy is probably the biggest waste ever
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