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Question about the Driver games... (For Driver fans)

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User Info: TaKun782

4 years ago#11
killak posted...
Driv3r is ridiculous and some of the missions will have you pulling your hair out, each time you're stopped dead for hitting a parking meter. Chase missions are particularly frustrating, the on foot controls are terrible

Driver Parallel Lines is decent, but has so much traffic that it becomes tedious to travel from location to location. The time switch is cool (well it's not really a switch, but a plot point) as locations and vehicles change (you see the completed WTC, for example)...but the traffic is just too dense.

just go with San Francisco. If you know the rivalry between Tanner and Jericho, then you're all good to go and the game is flat out amazing kidding..? The WTC..? Lol, wow...

Anyways... ya. I think ill just go with SF anyhow. And i do kinda know what happens here and there. But can you tell me what happens in Driver 3 so i can just jump into SF. I just need a little up to speed on that since id rather not really play 3 because it sounds like its frustrating to even play it, it seems....
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User Info: killak

4 years ago#12

that should be enough Driv3r spoilers for the story.

From: TaKun782 | #011 kidding..? The WTC..? Lol, wow...

yeah, and people actually took offence to it being in the game since it was post 9/11. Figure that one out, eh?
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