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A/D: Dualshock 3 > 360 gamepad in every way

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User Info: 2Dshmuplover

4 years ago#51
cirkmetroid posted...

PS3's dpad is widely regarded as significantly better than 360's. What is there to complain about it. What do you want, a connected cross like what was on the NES/SNES? That was horrible, as you would have accidental presses all the time. Even worse, is the sega master system dpad...most atrocious dpad of all time.

In fact, I'd say the PS3 style dpad is the best stock d-pad that has existed.

LOL it has one of the worst! Back in 1995 everyone hated it compared to the Saturn controller as it wasn't fit for Street Fighter and other 2D gameplay, nothing's changed since then yet all of a sudden it's the best on the market? No.

At least MS revise their controllers, it's taken a long time but the new chrome series with transformable D-pad are in a different league to the Dual Shock 3 which is by comparison, cheap and outdated. I don't even like the position of the sticks as my thumbs keep on touching each other and the convex tops mean your thumbs slip off easy. Same with the sloped triggers, the fact you have to buy a plastic attachment to even make use of them says it all.
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