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What free game do you want from Sony

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User Info: Bekness

4 years ago#11
I love THQ, I'm so sad over it

User Info: Admiral_Xyes

4 years ago#12
burningfingerz posted...
Why would they do that? No money for the devs means no more games from them. Unless Sony pays them. But that would make them a charity, not a company. Company are supposed to make money.

I wouldn't be surprised if compensation became a more common practice over time. One MMO I used to play had tons of maintenance go past the scheduled time and the company gave everyone 5 luck tokens many times (which cost maybe $1 for 5).

User Info: hockeybub89

4 years ago#13
Bekness posted...
I didn't say we're entitled, I'm just saying that sometimes companies do stuff like that as a gesture.

And Sony did so when there was a serious issue. "You said 12 hours of maintenance and it was like... 24" is not going to get everyone a free game. Bears Beets Battlestar Galactica

User Info: Universquall

4 years ago#14
Summoner 3 in my dreams. The clones Bioware make just aren't as good.
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User Info: Bekness

4 years ago#15
I'm pretty sure it went for longer than that. IDC anyway, I'm not getting squat because I don't use PSN.

User Info: Ferarri619

4 years ago#16
Street Fighter Third Strike. It's one of the only fighters I don't own. >_>
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User Info: ZombiDeadZombi

4 years ago#17

User Info: Unavailable

4 years ago#18
ZackG31 posted...
I want The Last of Us or the new Metal Gear Solid Game

How about yall

I know you said "want" and not "expect", but I wonder if there really are people delusional enough to think either of those are a possibility.

If they gave any sort of reward (big if), it would probably be very insignificant, and it most certainly would not be a recent release, much less a game that isn't even releasing for awhile and is a full retail $60 game.
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