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Poll: Worst Capcom community?

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User Info: maxfreak

4 years ago#21
I used to think it was the Megaman folk...but ever since DmC ive definitely changed my opinion lol
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User Info: RoxasANobody

4 years ago#22
Deimos259 posted...
For the last two years it's been DMC

Fixed that for you.
"Fantastic baby."
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User Info: SegavsCapcom

4 years ago#23
Easy. DMC.

Let me give you a run-through.

Fighting games- Fans get peeved because they have to pay for more characters in a physical update or on the disc as DLC.

Resident Evil- Fans get peeved because 6 played more like a bad action game than a quality survival horror.

DMC- Fans absolutely lose it because Dante's appearance was changed .
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User Info: jrr18

4 years ago#24
servb0ts posted...

Capcom in general is Worst. For purposely pissing off their fanbase and trolling their fans. They deserve the Hate.
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User Info: Juvart24

4 years ago#25
How is Monster Hunters not at the top? Have none of you met a MH fan?
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User Info: SideStrafe

4 years ago#26
Devil May Cry. My god the total ass-rage over his aesthetic design and the removal of the lock on feature (which isn't even a huge deal). The Westboro Baptist Church gets less mad than DmC fans.
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User Info: NovaKaneX

4 years ago#27
Dat DMC.
Cot damn!
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