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God Of War Ascension Info from files? *possible spoilers galore*?

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User Info: iamrawr89

4 years ago#1
since it's the weekend, they're not working so let me get this out of the way. i decrypted the betas (both MP and SP, don't ask how i got the SP files), and just as I did with Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale, i'll share with you some files that i saw. reason that i'm doing this now is because i might not get Ascension on release day anymore (yes, i'll be playing Ni No Kuni, and no i'm not a Ni No Kuni bandwagon fan).

proof first:

mkay, so let's start this.

first off, almost guaranteed 5 world weapons:

in addition to (i'm going with the filenames) Sword, Club, and Spear, we'll have a Sling and a Shield.

not gonna do that with all the files, though.

moving on, i saw files for MP (and this might also be spoilers for SP), about *other* people other than Trojans and Spartans (which are Troy and Sparta on the file names, so locations/allegiance/nationality?)

there's Argos, Delphi, Athens, Minos, Olympus, Thebes, and Thessaly. also one for a "MACE", dunno which land is that.

heard an audio file which said "two lives left", dunno if that was for Favour (i don't play much of), or another MP mode with a Stock mode.

now for the MP maps, there are "Lore" files for each map (think of the 'story' at the beginning of the Desert where the announcer describes/talks about the map and polyphemus), so i'm guessing these lore audio files are for each map.

saw Desert, Hercules, Labyrinth, Olympus, Persia, Prophet(?), Statue, and Troy. there's also one for Tutorial.
apart from these, there are also ones for names that i can deduce by mode like CTF, but there are ones like "BOG", and "HUN" and "FR". i'm guessing FR is Favour? HUN is probably a map too, and so is BOG.

there are also "titles" or maybe those EXP titles, some of which we've already seen like "Killstreak", or "Seeker". i'll just post the ones i haven't seen or heard.

Untouchable, Triple Feat, Triple Kill, Skewered, New Leader, LiftOff, Justice, Intervened (i saw/heard that already btw), Immortal Feat, Hard to Kill, Double Feat, Decimated, Chopped, Cooked, Cheated Death, Beaten, Brutal Kill, Smacked, Grave, Exiled, Get Over Here, Fail, etc.

there are files/effects for WallStun, Jump, Celebrate,Salute, Taunt, Electrocution, etc. but then there are some like Freezing (Poseidon?) and Frozen, HadesPull (so a tether-attack with Hades, or Pull teh soul kinda thing?), Choking, etc.
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