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Will Sony abandon backwards compatibility for PS4?

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User Info: BambooPandamo

4 years ago#41
-Has BC

Xbox 720
-Has BC
-Xbox Live Gold compatible

-No BC
-PlaystationPlus goods incompatible with PS4

Such compelling value to the consumer, I can see why Sony would drop BC. Everyone here has the right idea, make the PS4 as unappealing as possible out of the gate.

User Info: Manimal_F0r3v3r

4 years ago#42
dankanefan posted...
I think abandoning BC creates a "I'll wait for a massive price drop" mentality for a lot of consumers. It was this way with the PS3. Once the price started coming down, I had a LOT of friends and family members asking me about the PS3 and BC was ALWAYS something they brought up. I had to tell them, "Yeah well the price is coming down but they took out BC." They would all respond, "Well, that sucks, I'll wait until another $100 price cut or so."

In other words, if Sony wants to cut BC, they have to realize that it'll eat into a HUGE chunk of that early adopter customer base.

Had less to do with BC and more to do with that massive price. That plus you know, XboX 360 was selling like hot bread along with the Wii, there really wasn't much incentive for casual gamers/non sony fans to fork over that amount for a PS3.

BC is a double edged sword- it's nice only for the 1st year of a console's life but it keeps the price up as well, then it becomes an after thought for the most part as people wish the price would drop. Personally I'd like PS4 to have PS3 BC, but the main issue here is the architecture. If they have to add the hardware inside the PS4 to get it, you can expect that console to launch around the $500-$600 region, and we all know how that turns out for sony.
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User Info: Paulf001

4 years ago#43
For it to have BC they would have to put the cell and rsx in the system that would cost them a lot more to make the systems.
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