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sexiest game this gen?

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(message deleted)

User Info: thisranks

4 years ago#32
I'm gonna have to toss Ar tonelico Qoga into the mix here. Something for everyone in that game ... although it's really hard to pick against Catherine and DoA5.
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Yuki Nagato FTW

User Info: The_Pig_Hostage

4 years ago#33
(message deleted)

User Info: zyrax2301

4 years ago#35
I think Wet is the sexiest. Maybe Bayonetta...although I don't consider her sexy at all. Topside ponytail ruins a perfectly good-lookin' chick.
Why? Because **** you is why.

User Info: SonicNash

4 years ago#36
656stooge posted...
Lollipop Chainsaw. Because it has it's own adult film spoof.

Damn it, can't find the full movie. Only sample crap.

User Info: SHAO-Khan

4 years ago#37

dante's sexy ass FTW
"If we're Evil or Divine , We're the Last in Line" - Ronnie James Dio

User Info: echa_One

4 years ago#38
PangLa posted...
echa_One posted...
656stooge posted...
Lollipop Chainsaw. Because it has it's own adult film spoof.

Ahahahahahaha! <3 Tia

You don't want to look at her pre-surgery pictures lol.

Huh? She went through plastic surgery? I thought she's genuinely half... damn...
3 things I dislike before a game release:
The wait, the haters and the trolls

User Info: Soliquidus

4 years ago#39
Tekken Tag 2

Kazuya and Heihachi in Bikinis is just delicious. Love that bulge.

Kuma and Roger Jr. cater to people who are into Furries. Oh and you can put the Tekken Girls in Bikinis as well if you are into that sorta thing. Don't know why anyone would be tho
PS3 without Immersion lacks Rumble and PS3 without Rumble lacks Immersion. Finally Sony did the right thing

User Info: Juvart24

4 years ago#40
TheWarHorse posted...
plasticman13 posted...
Ni No Kuni. It has kids.

I'm betting that's the real answer for most of the Japanophiles here on the PS3 board.

He's so right. Besides Uncle Juvart has a lil candy in his pocket for them.
"A true hero turns into a werewolf, kills a village full of idiots, then pimps their women out for profit to buy new armor" - Exar0s
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