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Today's polls shows how poor your parents are regulating your PS3 purchases

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User Info: stoned_pilch

4 years ago#101
Cos this needed a topic to point out.

User Info: Mutant1988

4 years ago#102
MotiJr posted...
If you're going to hate on someone because they are a different race to you, atleast have the guts to come out and admit it. Don't hide behind political BS and then behave as if you're some poor misunderstood soul when you're completely transparent. This doesn't apply to you specifically but in a general sense.

I'd like to know what you base this on and why you apply it to absolutely everyone that criticize any decision the current US President makes.

Furthermore, explain to me how racism factors into a single argument brought up in this topic.

Wait, no need to, because it doesn't.

You're just bringing your out of context pet issue here to blankly dismiss anyone that disagrees with you and to make yourself look superior.

Oh, and it's not my president. I live in a different country.

So you studied psychology? Do you know of the Dunning-Kruger effect? You might want to read up on it.

Oh and the wiki article on Extrinsic Incentives Bias might be interesting for you. You know, what with you believing your critique of the US president to be valid as he's a "puppet" while everyone else's critique of him stems from racism.

You're seriously delusional.
Know that if you allow someone to take advantage of you, they might make it a habit.

User Info: jjg737

4 years ago#103
656stooge posted...
Lol. $10 million on studying violent games? What a stupid goverment. But I guess shows like CSI are okay, right? Shows that depict realistic violence and give you plenty of real world type scenarios to ponder are okay too, right?

But guns are cool though. They aren't dangerous and have nothing to do with shootings.

This. But of course people that don't like violent videogames throw all the blame on them, my sister-in-law wont let her kid watch cartoon network, nickolodeon, or even someone play a video game with a rating of T or higher because they imply adult things. But somehow CSI and all the other murder case shows are fine.

User Info: DarkGam3r

4 years ago#104
Dredj posted...
Perhaps these parents know their children well enough and trust them to play these games.

That was my case when I was a kid.
"I'm no hero."

User Info: TheBlueStig

4 years ago#105
MourningReigns posted...
Slayn posted...
MourningReigns posted...
Slayn posted...
Someone should tell Obama that violent crime has been steadily going down since the 90's and are pretty much at the level of the 60's. I mean it has STEADILY gone down.

Violent Crime was up 17% in 2011 compared to 2010.

Eh? Looks like it went down, both in number and in rate. The rate in 2010 was 403.6 per 100k, 2011 was 386.3 per 100k.

The FBI doesn't account for simple assaults, which is still a contributing factor to violent crimes. Those statistics can be found within the NCVS reports.

What you call a "simple assault" is deliberately vague, and by the law goes from simply touching someone with your fingertip, to pushing them with force. Notice I said PUSHING, and not punching, because once you punch someone, that becomes aggravated assault, and those ARE covered by the FBI.

And FYI, the Supreme Court already looked into violent games when they shot down Leeland Yee's anti-violent-games bill for being Unconstitutional. So Obummer wasting not just $10 Million, but a grand total of half a BILLION dollars on the 23 executive orders he signed is the ultimate in moronic stupidity.

And not only have violent crime stats been coming down for years, but firearm homicide numbers have also been coming down for no less than 7+ years while gun sales have gone up over 500% in the same time period.

So you can kiss Obummer's ass publicly all you want, but it only proves you're far too gullible for your own good. The ONLY reason he's doing any of this is because he's now in Lame Duck status. If he had attacked videogames or guns before the his re-election, his ass would be outta there.
"Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety."
Ben Franklin

User Info: furrybeavers

4 years ago#106
I'm 24 years old. I played violent video games growing up. My friends played violent video games growing up. We played violent video games together; GROWING UP. Have I ever committed a violent crime? No. Have they? No. I got into a fight over a girl in high school once. Oops.

10 million dollars is a waste of money. It's not the content presented in the games. It's the lack of communication between parents and their children. Why not study movies, TV, and literature as well? They have just as much, if not more, influence than games.

If violent video games had an effect on the actions people take in life, every single person that has ever played a violent game would be a murderer/rapist/thief. It's that simple.

And then there are the people who were just born with bad wiring. Not their fault. Not their parent's fault. But that's a story for another day....
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User Info: faris_ruhi

4 years ago#107
Although I voted for the "they don't care what games I play", they knew I wouldn't try to reenact things in video games because they actually spent some time parenting/raising me rather than using game systems as a babysitting tool.
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4 years ago#108
Sounds like your parents we're nazis either that or they didnt trust you playing those games. I was always very open with my parents. I grew up on Alien and Arnold movies, but I had no issue understanding the difference between a video game and real life. Again it's different for every kid. Some are so stupid or aggressive already, and playing mature video games makes them worse sure. Also this was the day of N64 and PS1. So like the most M rated games out there were Metal Gear Solid and Resident Evil
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User Info: RAPTall1

4 years ago#109
Growing up, my parents didn't really care what I played because they knew I was a good kid and they trusted me. I also know the difference between a video game and reality...

Oh, I'm 25 now just for reference.
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User Info: JustPlainEvil

4 years ago#110
10 million for game research yet he can't even get the cronies in CONgress to pass a plausible budget, as well as support rebel uprisings in other countries while trying to restrict our gun rights.

No matter who is in office, nobody will ever represent our needs properly.

I've also been buying my own games since I was 17. Am I a violent criminal? no.
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