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How come you always play as bad or evil people in Western video games???

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  3. How come you always play as bad or evil people in Western video games???

User Info: Shy420

5 years ago#41
HellsingOrg posted...
wstfld posted...
Enough with the weeabos.

in most Japanese games the lines aren't blurred and you play as either good or bad characters and of course the is the occasional neutral character.

Bull****, in JRPG there are always honorable criminals, assassins, Yakuza, etc etc etc.

As for the weeaboo comment, good job jumping on an old meme go complain about something else already. Isn't there new CoD DLC you can complain about.
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User Info: theshoveller

5 years ago#42
Anyone else getting just really sick and tired of this "West versus East" crap? Like, mainly the insanely over-the-top stupid posts and arguments, not discussion that's actually good and respectful to both sides / fans of both sides.

User Info: Auron772

5 years ago#43
I honesty wish we got to play as the bad guy more often in games. I'm sick of always saving the country/world/galaxy/universe. I want to enslave, destroy or conquer all of it instead!
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User Info: theshoveller

5 years ago#44
HellsingOrg posted...
Bane_Of_Despair posted...
wstfld posted...
From: ScreamingMidget | #016
Why do you mostly play as ugly characters in Western games is the real question.

So now you're just plain old racist. Upgraded from weeabo. DmC has really affected you.

.....what did he say there that made him racist?

Anyway, you don't always play as "bad or evil people" in Western games. The point of most Western RPG's is that you can PICK whether to be GOOD or EVIL. And most video games, Western or not, you play as a hero saving people or somebody. Even if you start out selfish/only for your own reasons that usually changes by the end.

well I said the MAJORITY of western games are like this.
sure there are games like Infamous or Mass Effect where you can choose your side with your actions.

Ok, I got it - find me a list of every game ever made in the West, and which ones where you play as a "bad guy" and which ones you play as a "good guy." I'm talking every game ever made in the West. No time limit on how far back we're going. I'm almost positive every single generation, regardless, will have more protagonists playing the role of the good guy over the role of the bad guy.

Hell, even stuff like Bulletstorm, where you play what might be considered a "bad guy," you're just an antihero - the "good guy who's not such a good guy." Why is he a pirate and a mercenary? Because the general he worked for branded him as one when he refused to keep killing what he found out were innocent people. He's as much a "bad guy" as Corsair and the Starjammers in the Marvel universe.

User Info: CronoGuyver

5 years ago#45
Like it was mentioned over and over in this topic.
This world is not black and white or good and evil, it is grey.

Just because you see someone as good or bad, it does not mean that they are as you see them, nor should you define individuals and their orientation based on their profession - I have seen numerous cases where Doctors and other professionals (whom people would associate with positive attributes) have done such horrible things that they are beyond description.
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User Info: DocDelicious

5 years ago#46
Godly_Goof posted...
except games like Persona 4 exist >.>

Oh c'mon man. P4's characters are just as unrealistic as any other series. Sure, they're a bit more fleshed out compared to others in the genre regarding motivations and emotions toward certain subject matter but still very "black and white".
I mean, I'm a fan of the genre but I'm not delusional enough to claim that almost every character in it is anything more than a "good guy" or a "bad guy". There's no real middle ground and even (supposedly) objective characters in these scenarios usually view their actions in accordance with their moral alignment. I.E. even the "bad guys" view their actions as villainous whereas, in a realistic situation, they would view themselves as being "in the right".

Step back from the east vs. west bulls*** for a second and try to view things the way they really are. Every genre, no matter where the game was made, has characters who stand out as being morally ambiguous or having true-to-life emotions but, for the most part, they are one-dimensional people placed in outlandish scenarios reacting in and unrealistic manner. However, most "western" games aim to be a little more realistic than their "eastern" counterparts. Whether or not they achieve that is a completely different matter.
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User Info: Bekness

5 years ago#47
What's with the hate on prostitutes? How can you judge them? A lot of them have been raped so they think they may as well get paid for it. I've read a lot about them and some of them have had hard lives. Some only do it for 6 months to buy a car and things like that. It's not what I'd do with my life or who I'd chose to have relations with, but who am I to judge?

Which games do you even play one in? Or a convict for that matter?

And do you even know what "evil" is?

Seems like a huge exaggeration using the word "Most" western games, just FYI.
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