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I hate sneaking in Uncharted

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User Info: PangLa

4 years ago#1
I thought this was suppose to be a 3rd person action shooter game not a stealth game. Why does every level have a sneaking part? Yes, you can pewpew pass them, but then they will be 50 enemies shooting at every direction. And the shooting/aiming sucks ball.

User Info: Alltra

4 years ago#2
I never had an issue with it, and I found sneaking to be a very enjoyable and effective strategy.

Didn't have an issue with aiming either, except that it seemed like Drake had a tendency to hit high right instead of dead center.
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User Info: userfrigginame

4 years ago#3
Well, you can't really have stealth games without some other element. Like MGS is a TPS and stealth game. Hitman is a TPS and stealth. Dishonored is FPS and stealth. I mean the list of shooters with stealth goes on. With that said, certain games have better stealth mechanics than others.

User Info: ps3_gamer_norge

4 years ago#4
its not as bad as the stealth in max payne 3. amazing game, but i dont know why they bothered with the stealth part. it turned into an all out gunfight after i killed one guy stealthy

User Info: zyrax2301

4 years ago#5
Stealth sections are the easiest parts of the game on Crushing.

But the system does suck, yeah.
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User Info: its_matt

4 years ago#6
Very casual stealth, just normally use it to get a head start and you usually get some bonus weapons from stealth take outs before the inevitable shoot out gets going. That said there were a few bits later on a crushing play through of Uncharted 2 where I managed to avoid a couple of fire fights by stealth killing everyone to stop reinforcements coming, but it was optional.
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  3. I hate sneaking in Uncharted

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