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Ass Creed series probably has the worst controls in a VG ever. AC = unplayable

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User Info: killak

4 years ago#261
From: jrr18 | #258
PAAGGpewpew posted...
killak posted...
Greers knows her best as "fat Bekka", isn't that right?

he's also made fun of my epilepsy and to cap it off, he thinks that someone who went through 6 years of sexual and violently physical abuse (as in close fist punches from my step father), which also occurred to my brother and I had the joy of watching the f*** get beat out of my mother......up until the point where I almost ran him through, but he spotted me and I get flogged up for that too

Would laugh at child abuse. Christ man, i can tell you stories that'd bring tears to your eyes and make you feel lucky that were hit by your stepfather and "forced" into a religion.

But to even fathom the concept of me personally, finding it funny...... good luck

You found my abuse funny and you do not consider it abuse.

What the f*** does Christianity have to do with my stepdad? I was introduced to religion like 10 years+ before I before I ever met my stepdad. Did I ever say that my religious indoctrination was abuse? No, no I did not. Hell, I don't even remember my stepdad ever forcing me to church, or not often.


Seriously, what does my stepdad have to do with religion, and what does my religious indoctrination have to do with physical child abuse?

So, you don't think that (my stepdad) telling a child that they're s*** and nothing and a loser and a f*** up for like 10 years, when at school they are one of the top 5 most picked on kids throughout school and bullied and often beat up and ridiculed and mocked (like you currently do to me since you are no better than them). Picked on so badly at school and then after I go home I shut myself in my room everyday in fear that my stepdad would call on me and hit me and cuss and scream and toss me around. He was a very unpleasant person, and still kinda is but I kinda get along with him now.

So, he never beat my mother often, and one time when she hit her head against the truck he got into my face and asked me what I would do about it, yet I was in my early teens and no way I could have taken him on?

Also, you say that what I went through was not abuse, yet my stepdad was arrested and fined for child abuse and I went to go live with my real father after that?

I can't even remember all the things that went on for those 9 years today, since it was so long ago and I'm in my 30's. I have tried to block most of that stuff out and forget about it entirely.
Well that took long enough cheap alien tech who puts a count down on a weapon that’s made to take the other guy with you no wonder the govanator got to da chopa!

My God, they're beautiful. so destructive, yet so captivating.'re supposed to put spoilers when you talk about the color of the sky. some people haven't seen it yet. - llaW_Enots

User Info: killak

4 years ago#262
From: Ninja4H | #260
killak posted...
Do you like Aliens, Bek?

Come round and we can watch that s*** in 1080p with the surround sound

What they did with the first two films on blu is astounding.

It's truly mindblowing when they can take a pre HD movie, and make it HD. I still remember renting it on VHS and watching it with mum and her boyfriend.

Hooked ever since.
"does the game give you any guidance at some point? How do I f***ing figure s*** out?" - darksydephil, trying to beat the opening of Bayonetta

User Info: Bekness

4 years ago#263
Want some double standards in your coffee, anyone?

*makes coffees*

User Info: killak

4 years ago#264
2 sugars with my coffee thanks, luv're supposed to put spoilers when you talk about the color of the sky. some people haven't seen it yet. - llaW_Enots

User Info: Bekness

4 years ago#265
my bazinga shirt arrived.

I never have sugar in coffee. I go black or just with milk. I had a cappucino from Gloria Jean's the other day, probably has the worst tasting coffee in a coffee shop ever, GJ = undrinkable. Foul crap dunno how they can pass that off as a beverage. Muffin Break coffee is superior in everyway.

User Info: Irony

4 years ago#266
To 500!
I am Mogar, God of Irony and The Devourer of Topics.

User Info: Bekness

4 years ago#267
Have you ever seen a 501/2 topic? I think they can happen if people get same time posts.

User Info: PAAGGpewpew

4 years ago#268
killak posted...
You get along with a stepfather that abused you?

I didn't speak to them for a year or two. After years and years and years of hating them, I finally decided to let it go and forgive him (I'm not religious but I still decided to forgive him). I mean, it was like 10 years since and he quit drinking, etc. Plus I kinda have to since him and my mom are still together.

My mom has told me that she wishes she could take it back and never hooked up with him, but it's already happened.

My brother also blames my stepdad for a great many things as well. In fact my brother has not talked to them in like 2 years since my parents kinda did something bad and lied to him when that happened, since my mom and stepdad are still liars.

Plus, I think my stepdad is going to die sometime within the near future, so I think it's best to make peace now.

killak posted...
So you can seemingly get over it, but as I said, you use it as an excuse to torment and troll.

I never used it as an excuse. I explained that it is kinda the reason why I act the way I do, part of the reason anyway.

killak posted...
I can tell you that I haven't had sex with a kid, so...... I'm fine.

Oh me too, yet I can distinctly recall you calling me a pedo a few times, since I was calling out modern JRPGs for being sick.

killak posted...
You've said s*** to me, i've said s*** to you

You've crossed the line on many things worse than I have. If you think the recent thing I did was worse, just think of it as retaliation for the last several years of you crossing the line with your personal insults toward me.

Bekness posted...
"Want some double standards in your coffee, anyone?

*makes coffees*"

Now honey, you should ask Killak if he wants some coffee in his double standards, since his mug is filled to the brim with double standards already. "

killak posted...
"you single out Astute and I........ then you go meltdown basically mocking my abuse and finding it more than funny ...
if you think there is a shred of even ground here, keep thinking"

- Which I have concrete proof of Astute's comment, in which that topic you were making fun of my childhood abuse, that I can distinctly remember. You found it funny first, and this is my retaliation.

Yeah, there's no even ground here since what you did to me was far worse. What I have done recently has not even begun to make up for the mean things you've done

User Info: BlackMetalisWar

4 years ago#269
And the battle continues...FIGHT!!!!!
Deathcore is garbage.

User Info: jrr18

4 years ago#270
Well I need a bigger bomb.

57 megatons of russia has bigger **** then the USA.
Victory over the 2013 Capcom the game demon through superior fire power!
PSN jrr101
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