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What's your best PS3 game EVER...

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User Info: Hellraiser555

4 years ago#31
Subject to change as games are released....

Red Dead Redemption
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Games at 100%: 18

User Info: hotwheeler89

4 years ago#32
Uncharted 2.
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User Info: DeGamer81

4 years ago#33
Red Dead Redemption. It was the only game this gen I bothered doing a 100% on.

User Info: RJP_X

4 years ago#34
LinkMaster2703 posted...
Either Bioshock or Uncharted 2, it's too close to call.

This is really the truth.
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User Info: twopinacoladas

4 years ago#35
I haven't through to many but I enjoyed Uncharted and started Uncharted 2. I don't mind Killzone 2 but the color pallet is all pretty much the same and is getting boring. I did play through Killzone 3 at a friends co-op and it had more variation, I'll play through that one next.

I have Haze because I am a huge Free Radical fan while the whole game isn't terrible there are some very ugly textures and some levels look almost last gen others look pretty good. I have read about the troubles and mistakes they made developing it its really to bad, hopefully the next Homefront game they are doing will be AAA quality then maybe they will return to TImeSplitters ;)

User Info: Plasma_Returns

4 years ago#36
Max Payne 3 and Red Dead Redemption
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User Info: vind3d

4 years ago#37
Persona 5. Course I chant that to myself when I sit at my PS2 replaying Persona 3 or 4 for the umptheen time.
My favorite app is still the Mute button on my TV's remote.

User Info: ps3_gamer_norge

4 years ago#38
I Will instead lost the games I feel everyone should at least check out on YouTube to see if it's for them. Great game

Uncharted 2&3
Max Payne 3
Red Dead Redemption
Fallout 3
Deus Ex: Human Revolution
Mass Effect 2&3
Batman Arkham Asylum & City
Just Cause 2
Borderlands 2
God of War 3
infamous 2

User Info: Axel_1987

4 years ago#39
Killzone 2

User Info: Jason_Hudson

4 years ago#40
Red Dead Redemption. Outstanding display of how a game should be made. Wonderful story, graphics, characters, plenty of things to do, great gameplay and DLC that makes you want to play it (Undead Nightmare, online Poker and Liar's Dice). I'm not too sold on the multiplayer, but the single player is so good I just ignore it (aside from the online gambling DLC).

Metal Gear Solid takes the #1 spot of my all time favourite games, but RDR follows behind at #2.
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