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Uncharted 4 (NOT) .. the Arabian version (IGN middleeast)

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Maximum Overdrive 4 years ago#11
Say whaaaaaat?!
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white wind
4 years ago#12
RoxasANobody posted...
The first trailer was posted here a while ago. Every topic turned into someone defending the game against the people calling it an "Uncharted clone". While at first it definitely seemed to be ripping off Uncharted down to the wire, it just seems like inspiration at this point. This board is being hypocritical if they didn't want people to buy this game. Why not? If you don't buy from a not so well-known developer, according to this board, you're ruining the industry. If you buy from someone who is well known over someone who isn't, then you're ruining the industry.

umm, it is just a crappy game,

what is interesting is the thought that maybe after 10 years more countries will contribute to the global video game industry
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