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PlayStation Plus FAQ

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User Info: tactikz4

4 years ago#1
.::Frequently Asked Questions::.

Q1) What is PlayStation Plus?

A1) PlayStation Plus is a membership service that can be purchased from PlayStation Store and gives you access to a host of great features so that you can:

*Create an instant game collection with over 45 games a year at no extra cost.
*Try out games in 60-minute Full Game Trials.
*Receive huge discounts on a wide range of content from PlayStation Store.
*Download dozens of premium avatars and dynamic themes for your PlayStation 3 at no extra cost.
*Get early access to game demos and beta trials.
*Use exclusive features such as Automatic Update and Online Storage.

Q2) How much does PlayStation Plus membership cost?

PlayStation Plus costs £39.99 for a one-year membership and £11.99 for a 90-day membership.
PlayStation Plus costs $49.99 for a one-year membership and $17.99 for a 90-day membership.
PlayStation Plus costs €49.99 for a one-year membership and €14.99 for a 90-day membership.

Q3) What is Full Game Trial?

A3) Full Game Trial lets you typically download a 60-minute trial of selected games at no extra cost for a limited period of time. Your progress will be saved and the trophies you earn during the trial will be unlocked if you purchase the game after the trial period.

Q4) What happens when the Full Game Trial expires?

A4) When the designated trial period expires, the content will no longer be available to play. To continue playing, select the full game and purchase it from PlayStation Store. Your progress from the Full Game Trial will be saved and any trophies you have earned during your trial will be unlocked after purchase.

Q5) What is Online Storage?

A5) Online Storage lets you store your precious PS3 game saves via cloud storage so that you can retrieve them from another PS3 system – great for backing up your data or continuing a game at your friend's place. Access Online Storage by visiting Game > [Saved Data Utility (PS3™)] on the PlayStation 3 system's XMB Menu.

Q6) Does Online Storage work with PSP games, PS one Classics, PS2 Classics and PSP add-ons?

A6) No, Online Storage can be used only to back up PS3 game saves.

Q7) What is Automatic Update?

A7) When Automatic Update is activated, system software updates and game updates (patches) will be downloaded automatically to your PlayStation 3 at a time that you can set, so they're ready and waiting for you when you next use your PS3.

At the same time, your trophies and game saves are automatically synchronised and saved to PlayStation Network. To activate Automatic Update, go to Settings > [System Settings] on the PlayStation 3 system's XMB™ Menu.

Q8) Can I transfer my PlayStation Plus membership to another Sony Entertainment Network account, including a Sub Account?

A8) No. Once PlayStation Plus membership has been purchased, it cannot be transferred to any other account, including a Sub Account.

Q9) How many systems can I use my PlayStation Plus membership on?

A9) Your membership is valid on any activated systems you have, including PlayStation 3 and PSP systems. Content that you download can be used on both your PS3 and PSP, provided it is compatible with that system.
PSN/Battlelog: tactikz4
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User Info: tactikz4

4 years ago#2
Q10) Can I use PlayStation Network Cards to pay for a PlayStation Plus membership?

A10) Yes, any payment methods approved for purchasing content from PlayStation Store can be used to buy PlayStation Plus memberships.

Q11) Do I need to register a credit card to become a member of PlayStation Plus?

A11) You don't need to register a credit card to become a member of PlayStation Plus, although we recommend that you do so to take advantage of automatic renewal.

Q12) What is the cancellation policy for PlayStation Plus?

A12) You can cancel your membership renewal at any time by going to Account Management under PlayStation®Network on the PS3 system's XMB Menu

Q13) What happens if I accidentally delete the PlayStation Plus content on my system or want to re-download it?

A13) If the content is still available for download from PlayStation Store, you can re-download it. A Full Game Trial, however, may only be downloaded once.

Q14) Will I lose my remaining term if I renew my subscription early?

A14) No, your new membership term will be added to the existing entitlement, so for example if you purchase a 1-year membership with 10 days to go on the existing one, the new membership will be valid for 375 days .

Q15) Where can I see how long I have left on my PlayStation Plus membership?

A15) You can see how long your current membership has to run by visiting PlayStation®Network > [Account Management] > [Transaction Management] > [Services List] > [PlayStation®Plus] on the PlayStation 3 system's XMB Menu.

Q16) Do I lose access to my PlayStation Plus games if my membership expires?

A16) You can keep any content you pay for on top of your membership fee, such as a game downloaded at a special offer price, and you can keep using all games downloaded at no extra cost as long as you remain a member of PlayStation Plus.

Q17) IS PS+ worth it?

A17) IMHO YES, it's worth the money for all the contents you get in 1 year.
PSN/Battlelog: tactikz4
BF3/Black Ops 2 My Fav Multiplayer.

User Info: Chaingunmaster

4 years ago#3
Are you trying to get this stickied? (My webcomic)
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User Info: Ke7hpl

4 years ago#4
This is needed...

Not for me, I'm a happy PS Plus customer.
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User Info: bsballa09

4 years ago#5
Kind of late, don't you think?
Lololol @ the Seahawks choking.
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