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Your rarest platinum?

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User Info: triple_lei

4 years ago#191
Neat site and way better than the official one.

For PS3 games:

WipEout HD
Ultra rare: 1.45%

User Info: thecrusha

4 years ago#192
RAGE for trophies

Platinum UR is K&L:DD 2.31%
If i was God, i would only want one thing,

User Info: Strifer201

4 years ago#193
Madden '12 - 4.66%
Closely followed by MW3 at 6.33%
PSN - Strifer201

User Info: 5orrow

4 years ago#194
Little Big Planet 100%Complete
Very Rare 6.03%

User Info: Rebourne07

4 years ago#195
MK9 0.83% :D Probably the rarest platinum for any popular game. Soon to be MK9 Vita at 0.31% :)

User Info: backguard222

4 years ago#196
From: arcticfox14 | #182
My rarest is 1.47%, WipEout HD.

This leads me to believe that "rare" as this website understands it may not be what you think. It's not that 1.47% of people on PSN have this trophy, but that 1.47% of the people who have played WipEout HD have the platinum.

So...if there was a super crappy game that only I purchased and got the platinum it would be listed by this site as common (100%).

I'd be interested to see which games are truly the rarest and most common platinums compared to all of PSN.


My rarest is Sports Champions - 0.86%

That site is hardcore about stats. Wow.

User Info: mattdawg81

4 years ago#197
Not really rare, NFS: Hot Pursuit - 11.96%

Rarest trophy, though is from NFS:MW - Uncanny 1.11%
PSN ID: MattZR1_81

User Info: Andaryu

4 years ago#198
3DDGH at 5.10%
We have no choice but to let go of the past to move forward...

User Info: phaces

4 years ago#199
Street Fighter 4 - 1.16%

Shot outs to the GT5 and Wipeout HD platinum crew. Those are toughies indeed!

User Info: Dave4202

4 years ago#200
My rarest trophies are all Arkham City DLC ones and my rarest Platinum is MvC3 3.23%.
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