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Rumor: Hugely ambitious Sonic game in development, announcement on Feb. 2nd

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User Info: -Crazy_Dude-

4 years ago#51
I really hope they tone it down with the boost and make some level with platforming in it. Actually I'd prefer they got rid of the boost and just brought back the spin dash, it was pretty effective in the adventure titles. Of course they had better first sort out the controls and camera first, then get awesome level design then graphics and story should be their lowest priority.

I wish they would make it so sonic says less, he's becoming an unfunny arse. And make it so Tails isn't a complete p*ssy as I like Tails. The story shouldn't be complicated in the slightest and should only be used a way to move from level to level or boss. If they bring in a gimmick I really hope they work on it, like the wisps was a cool idea and add a lot of replayability where as the mech shooting SA2 got old pretty fast.

One last thing, it sounds like the case but let knuckles actually have a level where he needs to reach the end not find 3 of blah blah blah.

User Info: -Crazy_Dude-

4 years ago#52
...also I hope the fix the homing attack, I liked using it to gain momentum and quickly shift the directly I was facing without losing speed. But in generations it kills all momentum.

User Info: Vohn_Exel

4 years ago#53
Sophistication posted...
Gonna hafta break this down for everyone here...

I give you,

Exhibit A: Ambitious

Exhibit B: Sonic

Exhibit C: Sega

Having those 3 things coexist together in one package is like having a charity fundraiser and inviting Bruce Wayne, Clark Kent, Barry Allen and Dr. David Banner while also inviting Batman, Superman, The Flash and The hulk.

Just isn't going to happen... Someone's gonna be a no show here.

Actually its just Bruce Banner. David was added for the Tv show. Also, you couldn't invite them all unless it was a crossover event!

Anyway, I played Sonic 4 part II on my kindle cause it was on sale for a dollar. It was. Challenging and fun so hopefully the new game will be as well, but with more content. I just hope tails isn't a scared kid, and that Knuckles regains his spotlight that Shadow unnecessarily took from him.
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User Info: PhaseBlack

4 years ago#54
zerooo0 posted...
Sonic Adventure 3?

or, something like that?

I hope it is, story-wise at least
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User Info: OrangeSchweese

4 years ago#55
That would be kinda funny if this turns out to be good enough to justify 3 more Sonic games, only to have them all end up being horrible, once again.

User Info: PhaseBlack

4 years ago#56
djmaster1994 posted...
PhaseBlack posted...
djmaster1994 posted...
Good I get the Wii U version as always Sonic PLAYS BEST ON NINTENDO
Nothing beat Colors and Adventure 2 Battle the best 3D Sonic game in existence.

Sonic Adventure 2 HD with Battle DLC > Gamecube version

Sonic Generations > Sonic Colors

Get out of here boy.
Tell me how can you fully experience Chao Garden with out
GBA and GameCube.
Sonic Advance 1-3 with Sonic Adventure 2.

Plus Sonic Adventure 2 Battle is not Dreamcast Port it an Enhance Version.
Sonic Colors has a Higher Metacritic
and Generation borrowed many element even the stage Planet Wisps.

Sonic Colors cutscenes are better and more comedy to it.

The game is the best.

Some Nintendo fanboy born in 1994 cant call someone a boy, but you're on the internet so you think you can pretend to be a man right?

Sonic Adventure 2: Battle on Gamecube had slowdown, missing graphic effects from the DC version, and more glitches. At the time, it was a passable trade for the Battle content, but Sonic Adventure 2 HD has better graphics being HD and new textures. Most importantly, it runs better than the Gamecube one

Sonic Generations is leagues better than Color, Color was mostly 2D with stupid wisps power ups and an idiotic story. Sonic Generations actually made Sonic play well in 3D
PSVita & 3DS

User Info: PhaseBlack

4 years ago#57
Shadow Cloud posted...
Hopefully it will be by the same people who did Generations. I loved that game. I think Sega has finally lived and learned from their past mistakes.

Definitely, Sonic Generations was so good I replayed it many times. Modern Sonic just was done really well
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User Info: D E E G S

4 years ago#58
You know what happened the last time we had a hugely ambitious Sonic game? We got Sonic 2006.
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User Info: Dark World Ruler

Dark World Ruler
4 years ago#59
Damn that sounds great, no gimmicks and more playable characters is what Sonic needs
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User Info: huyi

4 years ago#60
D E E G S posted...
You know what happened the last time we had a hugely ambitious Sonic game? We got Sonic 2006.

sigh, people never learn.
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