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Ni No Kuni is the highest rated and overall BEST JRPG this gen

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User Info: The_Djoker

4 years ago#101
From: vecryn | #060
To everyone saying Dark souls / Demon Souls plays like a WRPG, it doesn't follow the full wrpg side of things, did you know Dark Souls is only following the style Kings Field had? This was far before anyone even termed the phrase wrpg. Kings Field to this day still remains one of my favorites due to it's exploration. The graphics were pretty horrible, the story was almost non existent but the combat and exploration was amazing. They have stuck to that style for a while and perhaps even started it before any western developer even got to it. So if anything you might even say wrpg's copy kings field's formula which is from the same developer that makes dark souls.

So lets just drop the "dark souls isn't a jrpg because of how it plays" when they perhaps invented that formula that wrpg's use. I may be wrong, but I know they have been using it for over 15 years now.

it's farcloser to WRPG in style though. Dark souls is as close to JRPG as Gran Turismo.

User Info: JuanZolo

4 years ago#102
badboy posted...
ScreamingMidget posted...

Ni no Kuni is better than these IMO.

And I love the games you mentioned as well!
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User Info: atopp399

4 years ago#103
Hope the Wii U gets it at some point. I don't want to buy a PS3 for one game.

User Info: 8f9g43k8ku7335p

4 years ago#104
JRPG fans clinging on to whatever they can. If Ni No Kuni is supposed to be the savior of JRPG's, then the genre is truly doomed.

User Info: Robot_Soopa

4 years ago#105
People who refuse to play and enjoy this game because it looks "too childish" don't deserve to be gamers. Wish I still had my PS3 to play this gem.

Dunno if it'd top Lost Odyssey for me though. I adore Ghibli but LO had me on the verge of tears many times.

User Info: OmegaDL50

4 years ago#106
I've seen people criticize Ni no Kuni because of it's "child-like" appearance, but have no issues playing Kirby. Rather hypocritical I'd think.

Anyways, I'm far past the point of a games looks to make issue of self insecurities. If it's a well playing game and enjoyment can be had out of it fine. Generally in my experience, typically younger folks make an issue of first hand appearances. It's okay though, everyone goes through this phase at one point in their life.
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User Info: ToadWarrior

4 years ago#107
^Honestly Lost Odyssey wasn't that good... NNK is a much better game.

BUT, the collectable stories in LO were awesome.... Like really awesome.

User Info: HeyItsZant

4 years ago#108

You so silly, TC!
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User Info: ToadWarrior

4 years ago#109
^ NNK is much better than Xenoblade......

Xenoblade's characters are so cliche and typical it's actually laughable.

The voice acting is unbelievably bad (Riki, Reyn Time), and sidequests are incredibly boring.

The environments are the only thing that game has going for it,

NNK is a perfect example of a JRPG staying fresh and improving... Xenoblade is an example of a generic last gen game that clings to past RPG cliches.

User Info: Poltergust

4 years ago#110
Sinfullyvannila posted...
deprofundis442 posted...
Reginleif20 posted...
Pawkie07 posted...
ScreamingMidget posted...

I always get a laugh when people put demons/dark souls in the same category as jrpgs. Sure they are rpgs from japan but they are base around western rpgs. It's just silly to put them in the same category as final fantasy or persona games. If anything demons/dark souls goes to show how much jrpgs are bad cause it had to play like a western rpg to be good.

JRPG, RPGs developed in Japan, it's that simple. Actual gameplay is irrelevant

Sure. Gameplay is irrelevant to a genre category.

He's clearly not using the term as a genre classification. Lots of people don't. Because it's a really stupid name for a genre.

Honestly, there are a lot of stupid genre names, the most egregious example being FPS. I mean, what exactly does the term "FPS" tell you about a game? That it's in first-person mode and you shoot stuff. But, that is not nearly specific enough to determine what that game is actually about. For example, Portal and CoD are in completely different genres (puzzle and action) despite being FPSes.

Still, JRPG does have a firm definition. It doesn't refer to RPGs made in Japan, but refers to RPGs with gameplay similar to RPGs that originated in Japan, such as Dragon Quest and Final Fantasy. So yeah, that doesn't really excuse anyone from using the term incorrectly.
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