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Have you ever bought a used game just to not support the company?

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  3. Have you ever bought a used game just to not support the company?

User Info: Pawkie07

4 years ago#101
Been buying Sega games used since they decided to not localize Valkyria Chronicles 3. That really pissed me off.

User Info: cell2355

4 years ago#102
I buy all my games new, but i will buy DMC used.
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User Info: Seifer_us

4 years ago#103
That's honestly a terrible way to "boycott" a company. Essentially, you just improve the chance that the next customer who wants to buy the game will end up having to buy it new rather than used and then the company still wins. If you want to actually boycott something, just don't ******* buy it! Jeez, everybody half-asses everything nowadays because they can't exercise a little self-restraint.
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User Info: odcrl001

4 years ago#104
Quite a few actually...the crap ones and the ones they screw the consumers over.
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User Info: TJSpyke

4 years ago#105
Pawkie07 posted...
Been buying Sega games used since they decided to not localize Valkyria Chronicles 3. That really pissed me off.

To be fair, that's because the first two games sold like crap outside of Japan.
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User Info: PStrife

4 years ago#106
TJSpyke posted...
mister yummy posted...
Never buy new video games. It's a horrible investment. It's like buying a new car, the value drops considerably as soon as you open that wrapper. Go buy it 2nd hand from a pawn shop or off e-bay. You'll save yourself a load of cash, and the industry will be better off for it. There will be an incentive to lower prices to compete with 2nd hand games.

For that matter, play a generation behind. Much cheaper games and consoles. I only just got a Wii last month, and I'm loving it!

This argument is so stupid and false. If new game prices drop, so will used game prices. And new games should be more than used games because it's better. It's people like you that make me wish ALL developers will put Online Passes in their games (making you pay $10 if you buy the game used and want to play it online). People like you are why the industry is suffering.

Except the industry is trying to change the relationship. If you have a relationship in the reals world you should be able to understand that if your partner starts suddenly trying to change the dynamics, guess what your partner typically leaves that relationship. Mainly due to the crappy/non-existent communication.

If you don't like the long-held agreements and expectations, then just don't make games. All you do is alienate away once loyal customers/clients. For what? A lil' extra short-term cash.

Whether or not you like it. Publishers have a social contract with what I thought were supposed to be loyal customers. This don't work the other way.

User Info: rpglover13

4 years ago#107
Of course not, that's really stupid. If I buy a game used it's because I don't think the game warrants a new buy or the price of it new isn't worth it.

User Info: mike_test

4 years ago#108
I prefer buying new games, but most of the time I'm lacking money, so I settle for used. Not once through that entire process do I ever think I'm not supporting the company. I don't think about the company at all. Only when I've actually enjoyed the game very much will I think about the company. And if I really liked the game, then I'll buy another one from that same company (used, not used, I don't care). Whether the company will complain or not that I'm not giving them money, I don't care. I understand that critical acclaim isn't going to help them feed their kids, but the fact that they would go so far as to make a damn awesome game, even at the risk of their living, is something I will never forget about them. Besides, if you're going to whine about how you're not getting enough money from the job you supposedly enjoy, then you probably aren't really enjoying it at all. You're just doing it for the money. It's like LPers who complain about not getting any revenue so they just quit, spitting in the face of all those who actually do it without earning a dime.

User Info: MegaMettaur

4 years ago#109
riddlebox89 posted...
I buy most of my games new, like games that are just coming out that I'm really interested in, games that are coming out that I'm kinda interested in but not really, I wait on them until they're cheaper, games that were released over a year ago I buy used.

MegaMettaur posted...
SigmaHaciel posted...
...You people do realize used games do NOT hurt a single damn thing, right?

Another ignorant consumer. Your used purchase hurts the developers because it shows that you're willing to buy the game, but not willing to pay the developers. What kind of bull is that?

Perhaps you're the ignorant one, as someone with a functional brain would've figured out that they get paid for every single copy of the game before it's even on store shelves, yeah that used copy of Just Cause 2 I bought just a couple weeks ago for $20? It was already paid for before it even found its way to a GameStop shelf.

And then there's games that aren't even in print anymore so you have no choice but to buy used, are people satanists for buying them used as well!?

Buying used games doesn't hurt a damn thing, unless of course you can come up with some proof that people buying a used copy of a game actually damaged said games sales.

So you're telling me if I cost a developer a sale by buying their game used, I'm not hurting them because the game was already paid for? So surely pirates aren't hurting anything either by providing already paid for games for free. The difference between pirating abc used sales, is the fact that used sales actually count as a sale, but that money doesn't go to the developer, so therefor if hurts them because instead of supporting them by buying new, you buy used where none of the proceeds go to the people who deserve it.

If one person buys a game, and that same copy circulates through potential buyers, how does the developer make money, when those potential buyers were obviously willing to pay, because they already did?

If what you're saying is true though, why do online passes exist?
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User Info: mister yummy

mister yummy
4 years ago#110
Let's all be good little consumers and buy everything new at a markup, then throw it away and buy it again!

Or we can be slightly more intelligent, and realise there's no difference between new and used stuff. It's not my responsibility to support a company. If they want me to buy something new, they'd better damned well lower the price! I'll not pay $30 for a video game!

There are exceptions, of course. Sometimes, a really great game will come out, and I can't wait to find it used.

I'm just like this though. I buy virtually everything second hand. Clothing, electronics, furnature, cars, you name it. I even hate buying food, because you can't get it 2nd hand!
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