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First game you've beaten this new year?

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User Info: Thamauturge

4 years ago#1
I just beat Persona 4 Golden's story last night. So sad its over... D: Such a great game.

I mean to make Uncharted 1 the first PS3 game I've finished this year.
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User Info: ExtremeLight

4 years ago#2
Assassin's Creed 3
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User Info: wstfld

4 years ago#3
Nothing yet.
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User Info: peter_888

4 years ago#4
Fire emblem: genealogy of the holy wars
edit: oh wait, I probably beat Far Cry 3 before FE.
I'm a gamer dang it, not a pc gamer or a console gamer, just a gamer.

User Info: Dark Leo

Dark Leo
4 years ago#5
Does playing it during the old year count? If so, Far Cry 3.

If not, DmC.
katsumi: The PWB Goddess

User Info: Ninja4H

4 years ago#6
Dragon Age: Origins.
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User Info: Zwei79

4 years ago#7
Far cry 3
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User Info: jbl8199

4 years ago#8
Mass Effect 1. I want to see why people cried so much over ME3's ending, so I'm doing a full run of the trilogy.

User Info: carsauce

4 years ago#9
Hitman: Absolution
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User Info: jcrush089

4 years ago#10
I know the odds are against me but if theres a way to win I'm going to find it!
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