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Ni No Kuni deserves more attention than any game this year.

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  3. Ni No Kuni deserves more attention than any game this year.

User Info: howdyneighbor25

4 years ago#21
Game sucks IMO. Not a fan of real time turn based
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User Info: stawg007

4 years ago#22
Q_Sensei posted...
If for no other reason than its amazing colorful presentation.


The presentation is the reason il probably never play the game

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User Info: colis12

4 years ago#23
Eh, I am more excited about The Last of Us than anything else honestly, then comes GTAV in close second.
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User Info: Evel138

4 years ago#24
I'll take it on faith that its a fine game with a great story, but the visuals being the one element I'm well aware of........

The art has to be the most bland, generic, boring BS I've ever seen.
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User Info: Shineboxer

4 years ago#25
Absolutely not.
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User Info: Stanger5150

4 years ago#26
It deserves attention only from people who want to give it. It's not a f****** charity case.
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User Info: doraemonllh1989

4 years ago#27
ScreamingMidget posted...
MGR deserves more. And Dark Souls 2 if that comes out this year.

impossible,dark souls 2 will be coming out in 2014 or 2015,its just 20% complete now
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User Info: ZenGamer64

4 years ago#28
Zignoff posted...
Yes TC Journey was Almost entirely graphics and music, and guess what? It sucked massive balls as a game.

The point of being a game is just that a GAME, and it;s gameplay, which journey is a miserable failure at best and barely worth 5 bucks let along the outrageous 15 for the (LITERALLY) hour long pile of glitter crap.

I admire it for it's art, and I enjoy the music, but as a gamer, it is a freaking disgrace of a bare bones walk in a straight line crap.

So no Graphics are not nearly as important as the gameplay which is one of the major factors you buy a "GAME" for.

Sadly one of the major gameplay elements of Ni no Kuni, it's combat, is a clumsy and terrible mess and really brings the game down.

Journey won Game of the Year.

So shall NNK.
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User Info: xsabrewulf

4 years ago#29
Is this a joke topic?

please tell me it is

User Info: CGB_Spender

4 years ago#30
Deadly Premoniton: Director's Cut deserves more
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