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awesome games that never got a sequel?

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User Info: pakathecat

4 years ago#141
Skies of Arcadia
The Saboteur
Lost Odyssey

User Info: juliomon7

4 years ago#142
megamanx1291 posted...
thegreatcthulhu posted...
GazelMinistry posted...

I agree.

Here ya go.

OMG, if this game hit the states I'm buying a Wii U.


Legend of Dragoon (this cannot be said enough)
Vanguard Bandits
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User Info: rpglover13

4 years ago#143
Odin Sphere, Lollipop Chainsaw, Catherine(the last two are a little new and still have a chance)

User Info: IdTheDestroyer

4 years ago#144
2 that I can think of off the top of my head or Legend of Dragoon and Shenmue 2.
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User Info: Brocken_Jr

4 years ago#145
im surprised someone remembered greendog on sega, i felt like the only person in the world who owned that game
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User Info: baodeus

4 years ago#146
Lost odyssey, phantom dust, psychonaunts, sky of arcadia, mirror edge, god hands, landstalker, crimson sky, bushido blade, .....

User Info: ExtremeLight

4 years ago#147
Sequel can count after a sequel right? So...

Beyond Good and Evil
Dark Cloud 2
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User Info: Taran_McDohl

4 years ago#148
Legend of Dragoon
Everquest online Adventures(needs a part 2 for the ps3).
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User Info: RobotPirteGhost

4 years ago#149
Got another one: Banjo Tooie. And no, Nuts and Bolts doesn't count.
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User Info: rswsc0407

4 years ago#150
Mordecai the Mad posted...
Beyond Good and Evil
EVO: The Search for Eden
Gotcha Force
Jade Empire
Legend of Dragoon

OMG I want a new EVO so bad, that's one of the best games I've ever played, I can just imagine how it would be on a current generation system.
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