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Terraria coming next month,and new Trailer.Closest thing to minecraft we'll get

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User Info: Peltar94

4 years ago#21
Any word on why it was delayed. I remember seeing a trailer for it months ago saying it was coming out in january. I was looking to see if it was coming out this next week. Oh well, gotta wait a little longer.

User Info: Video_Game_Czar

4 years ago#22
Then again who doesn't own a computer that can't run Minecraft?
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User Info: RespectTheIMD

4 years ago#23
MegaMettaur posted...
Terarria seems like it has more emphasis on exploring than building.

It does. The goals in Terraria and Minecraft are completely different. Sure, you CAN build stuff in Terraria, but that's secondary to the exploration and combat.
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User Info: Pox

4 years ago#24
Fun game, but I have it for Steam so probably wont get this.
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User Info: CthulhuDagon

4 years ago#25
Bekness posted...
Minecraft is superior to Terraria in every way. I've played both. There's also a game called "Don't Starve", Minecraft clones will never live up to the real thing.

LOL! Hell no. Minecraft is only superior because of user mods. Terraria beats the living crap out of it without them. Starbound will put it in the ground.

Edit: Plus Terraria is a lot more fun, IMO. Minecraft just isn't nearly as fun.
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User Info: nickizgr8

4 years ago#26
kupo1705 posted...
zerooo0 posted...
kupo1705 posted...
zerooo0 posted...
kupo1705 posted...
I can't imagine this working with a controller.

Minecraft plays AMAZING on the Xbox, so I think they can make it work.Probably work best on the PS3 controller since the Analogs are more open.

Yeah, but this isn't Minecraft.

I'm just saying, people said Minecraft could never work with the controller, but it plays like good ole' butter.

Now Terraria I don't know. Maybe they could take advantage of the DS3 somehow.

Minecraft controls like a FPS, and you don't need to act fast/
This is different.
You use the mouse to do pretty much anything.

It will probably work like this.

Left stick moves you and the right stick lets you point at what block you will break.

Although this seems like it's going to handle poorly. I'll probably wait and see what the controls are actually like before I buy it on ps3. I already have it on PC so it's not a big deal if it's got terrible controls.
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