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Has Politicans ever thought that games dont cause violence

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User Info: whatnow12012

4 years ago#1
Have the politicians ever thought that games also dont cause people to cause violence & because they play videogames we are now less violence cause of them.

Look I been with games for 20+ years I have played the most violent of the games and I have a few myself but not 1 time have I done anything violent nor do I own a gun or like guns in real life and cause of my videogames I am now a lesser violent person who wouldnt even hurt his dog or animals.

I dont smoke, drink or have tatoos so explain that you dumb Politicans before you lynch mob all the games how come I have never in 20 + years ever done anything violent.

Have you ever thought that videogames actual prevents violence and keeps people from becoming violent.

No like always the Politicans first strike is of course videogames I can understand Automatic Assault Rifles those need to be ban but dont you dare touch my videogames.

What I am suppose to watch Barney, Play with Flowers and sing this land is your land or musical chairs like a Sissy sporting a Pink Sweater eating Garden Food and Rabbit treats I think not.

I play what I wanna play, I watch what I wanna watch this is the Freedom of Speech & they have no right to take my videogames away from me.

I am a nice person who isnt violent but I am tired of the BS that the Politicians are on about my videogames why not attack Twitter or Facebook dont you think they cause more violence than a videogame does.

No it is always the games never the other stuff yet for over 20+ years since the days of the Wooden Panel 2600 not 1 time have I ever done or commited a violent act. Cause of my games I dont smoke or drink cause of my games I am a nice person and I wouldnt even hurt my dogs & animals.

Get the facts striaght you dumb Politicians these peope who do these Violent Crimes isnt cause of the Videogames you are using this as an excuse to Ban them this is cause these people have deep seeded emotional and mental promblems not cause of the games.

User Info: agrissa

4 years ago#2
Politicians don't understand that correlation =/= causation, and they get it backwards when they do.

They believe that playing violent video games makes ppl violent. The opposite is true. These ppl are violent by nature so of course they like to play violent games. They've got it backwards. They should do something about violent PEOPLE, not violent games.
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User Info: shadowcat2164

4 years ago#3
they don't really think games do anything bad other than make people fat who never exercise. But that's not the point legislatures legislate if they don't pass laws they are worried they will be thrown out in the next election for not doing anything. Attacking video games because of nut cases going off the deep end is political theater its just them doing feel good politics and if they play their cards right not only can they look like their doing something constructive but they can slap new taxes on things like games and generate lots of revenue for the government to waste.

User Info: whatnow12012

4 years ago#4
What pisses me off is the past articles today saying we gamers dont have credible funny I thought it was our votes & our voices who got these idiotic politicians in the offices in the 1st place.

My voice is just as great as there voices I may not have mega-millions like a Donald Trup I may not have any power but my voice is just a good as the next person is.

I am using my voice to support my videogames and say games dont create or cause the violence I am living proof that games dont cause or make a person violent.

This is just an excuse to get the ball rolling on the banning of the Games People start watching Barney or Seaseme Street I have a gut feeling in the next few years sooner rather than later games will be banned.

But I will never ever give up the games I have I bought them they are mine I will not take them to be destroyed for a lousy 10 Gift Card and I wouldnt do it in the 1st place.

I will always play games I will always buy games and yes I will keep on buying Violent Videogames with Bioshock and MGS and also DMC. Will they make me a violent person no do you know why Politicians I know the diffrence bewteen Fantasy & Reality.

I am not addicted I can stop whenever I choose this is my hobby no diffrence from collecting Comics, Baseball Cards or my Transformers Action Figures I done as a kid back in the 80s now I collect my videogames and also Movies rather they be on DVD or Blue-Rays.

I also dont always play Violent games currently playing Ni No Kuni which is not violent.

User Info: TomorrowDog

4 years ago#5
i can has violent videogames?
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