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What is the most underrated game which you absolutely love?

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User Info: zalmute

4 years ago#11
3d dot game heroes. Many just say 'its just a zelda clone'. But The developers clearly loved many old school games. I ate it up since I'm a huge old school gamer.
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User Info: Godly_Goof

4 years ago#12

You know that power rangers game you always wanted as a kid where you got to use your own Zord to fight cheesy monsters in cardboard box cities? This is that game. And it's awesome!
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User Info: Mattywright77

4 years ago#13
Otogi for the xbox.
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User Info: BluntChick

4 years ago#14
Oh yeah, I remember Orphen too! And I actually kind of found The Getaway enjoyable as well..
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User Info: DarknessXSeeker

4 years ago#15
White Knight Chronicles I and II
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User Info: theatrical_cat

4 years ago#16
Postal 2. Sure, it was stupid. The humor fell flat more often than not. The Postal Dude was a 2D Duke Nukem clone. The story (what little there was) was dumb. It was a poor shooter.

But something about it captivates me; maybe it's getting to kill Gary Coleman. Maybe it's smoking pot to regain health. Maybe it's using live cats as silencers for my assault rifle. Whatever it is, I just love how depraved it makes me feel.
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User Info: Dirk_McHardpeck

4 years ago#17
Savage Moon. When most download only games are usually basic side scrollers aimed at the 80s nostalgia crowd this game is pretty awesome. A graphically rich tower defense game with detailed models, challenging levels and great replay value. It was worth every penny.

User Info: DeGamer81

4 years ago#18
Chrono Cross. It's a really good game, but most people just play Chrono Trigger and never give the 2nd one the time of day.

User Info: Nata5ha5

4 years ago#19
jrr18 posted...
Not really underated because most of the complaints about are valid but I liked Dragon Age 2.

I can relate because I like Quest 64. I can play it today and still enjoy it.
Mischief Makers is also underrated, and so much fun.

User Info: Brocken_Jr

4 years ago#20
im still playin haunting ground, never beat it, but i keep gettin stuck. after a while, i started lovin the game more and more. and i say shinobi 3ds and chaos legion. i love the gameplay and music in both of those games.
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