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What is the most underrated game which you absolutely love?

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User Info: yellowpikminboy

4 years ago#111
Kentaro21 posted...
For me, it would be Psychonauts. The voice acting was great, the gameplay was unique, the humor always made me laugh a little, and the story was a lot more deep than you'd think. Though, in recent years, I've seen it pick up steam.

This, this, this so very much. Everything about Psychonauts is just so perfect. It can be a collectathon if you want it to be, but most of it is optional. Meanwhile you do some awesome platforming and puzzle solving across such diverse level themes. And the humor, need I say more than the Milk Man?! Those very few lines he utters are the best lines in the entire game.

gamemaster712 posted...
Deadly premonition
God hand

I agree with those, but I think God Hand has been making a comeback, increbily*. And Deadly Premonition is actually pretty scary from what I've seen, and has such great dialogue like Psychonauts. The game is pretty nice, and I don't have to think twice, so says Mr. Stewart.

* - The misspelling of "incredibly" in IGN's Godhand review, which has still not been fixed to this day.


Whoa, really? Okami was underrated? I played through and beat that not to long ago, and found it to be a pretty amazing game. It has its problems (which are pretty glaring, but still passable), but it is one hell of a game.
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User Info: thierminator

4 years ago#112
2 xtreme for ps1 it was the first game i had because i just started to skateboard ( tony hawk was not released jet). I played it so long all raining days long when i was not skateboarding. And because it was my first game ( playstation was my first console never got a nintendo or sega , only an atari 64 but i was just 5 years than , so i don't really played it). So blabla bla it is a nostalgic game for me
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User Info: jedimetroid

4 years ago#113
river city ransom for the NES

User Info: vampfredthefrog

4 years ago#114
F31Leopard posted...
Ring of Red for PS2.

I totally forgot how much I love that game. Thanks.

User Info: CronoDAS

4 years ago#115
Great Greed, for the original Game Boy. It's one of those things that, if you look at any individual aspect of the game, it ought to suck - but somehow, it totally works. It just has this *charm* about it that makes you happy to be playing it.

If I can say more than one, I'd also mention Alpha Protocol and Final Fantasy 13. I completely understand why Final Fantasy 13 gets all the hate that it does, but for me, it pushed all the right buttons. Keeping the game tightly linear let the designers avoid a pitfall that many games allow themselves to fall into: poor pacing. Many games will let you spend ages doing sidequests that don't include any kind of story content whatsoever, killing any dramatic tension that's been building. This is not *necessarily* a bad thing - too much tension can be as bad as too little - but many games do this at what amounts to precisely the wrong time, or just never let the tension build in the first place. (Final Fantasy 12, I'm looking at you!) Final Fantasy 13 avoids these problems.
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User Info: Shunichiro

4 years ago#116
It's funny this thread started with Haunting Ground. Just yesterday I dusted off my PS2 and played this forgotten survival horror classic. I agree, it's awesome still this day!

Also, there would be tons of games but to name a few, Clock Tower 3 (PS2), again a survival horror game the time forgot, has a great atmosphere, tense moments and impressive visuals. Another underrated horror title for PS2 would be Siren, the creepiest horror game ever and its sequel which wasn't even published in USA and only as a rental here in Northern Europe...

This generation I must say Velvet Assassin (Xbox 360 & PC) and Nier. First is a great stealth game which doesn't turn the horror of World War II into a mindless, easy to digest entertainment. I know Nier has the appreciation of players but the game critics didn't have absolutely any clue when reviewing it and never gave this beautiful and involving game any chance.
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User Info: Kasada

4 years ago#117
El Shaddai.

Yes, the gameplay was a bit repetitive, and the story was bizarre, but the artistic direction was SOOOO GOOD. I was constantly blown away by the amazing visuals and awesome soundtrack.

And to a lesser extent, Lumines. No puzzle game is better.

User Info: pauten

4 years ago#118
Valkyria Chronicles and Binary Domain for me! :D

User Info: BaneDragon

4 years ago#119
Monster Hunter (PS2)
OgreBattle (SNES/PSX)
Jade Empire (XBOX)
Everquest Online Adventures (PS2)
Kagero: Deception (PS2)
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User Info: OhHeyltsYou

4 years ago#120
Initial D: Special Stage

It's hard to get the hang of if you haven't played the arcade versions. But if you grew up playing Initial D Ver.1-3, you'll be right at home.
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