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What is the most underrated game which you absolutely love?

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User Info: justdontask

4 years ago#61
tiornys posted...
FFXIII. It doesn't get enough credit for the things it does well, and I love those aspects of its gameplay.
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User Info: Sighto

4 years ago#62
Cross Edge. Battle system is the best I've played this gen, there are a ton of characters so you're bound to end up with a party you love, the music is great and there's plenty to do. Synthesis and Item Customization actually helps you make it through some of the challenges too. It's not just there to go from beating the enemies to obliterating them.

User Info: TwiliLord666

4 years ago#63
Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn, or any Fire Emblem. But it seems it is rising in popularity, so I guess Trauma Team it is.
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User Info: Swiftblade09

4 years ago#64

The game is amazing especially considering it was made in rpg maker.
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User Info: Shishio07

4 years ago#65
Skies of arcadia hands down

User Info: KFT15

4 years ago#66
The whole Ape Escape series.

User Info: Bossfella

4 years ago#67
Dark Sector.
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User Info: PHEEliNUX

4 years ago#68
{insert many Compile Heart games here}

Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World

User Info: ReyMilansteryo

4 years ago#69
Final Fantasy Chrystal Chronicles: My Life as A King
got addicted as **** in that game.
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User Info: Kentaro21

4 years ago#70
For me, it would be Psychonauts. The voice acting was great, the gameplay was unique, the humor always made me laugh a little, and the story was a lot more deep than you'd think. Though, in recent years, I've seen it pick up steam.
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  3. What is the most underrated game which you absolutely love?

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