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Are these good jrpgs?

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User Info: EternalDivide

4 years ago#11
FFVII. Yes. If you can deal with the dated visuals it's definitely one of the best games out there.

KH1 was a great game.

KH2 not so much. Dumbed down gameplay. "Press the triangle button when it appears to win or at the very least do massive damage to the enemy" for ever enemy you will encounter. Start of what has to now be the most contrived and convoluted story in gaming history. The first 3 hours of this game are hands down the most boring, slow paced, emotionally ham fisted over dramatic cut scene filled schlock fest you will ever experience in a game. You will want to bloody kill yourself before the main title even appears and the real game begins.

The other games I can't speak for.
I support Alex Smith #11
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