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Gameplay vs. Story

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User Info: dankanefan

4 years ago#51
It depends on the genre. Bejeweled doesn't need a story at all, but a game like Uncharted without an epic story would still be fun to play because the gameplay is solid.

Then there's stuff like fighting games. I don't need to know why Scorpion wears a mask to enjoy the game.

Now a game like Heavy Rain, HAS TO HAVE a good story to be a fun game.

So it really depends.

HOWEVER, a game with TERRIBLE gameplay could have the BEST story EVER and still suck.

For me, both matter, depending on the genre, but gameplay is number one. (My Gaming Blog)
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User Info: mad_hax_man

4 years ago#52
mtjormitch posted...

Considering the very best video games out there are STORY BASED. Sorry to tell you, but gameplay only video games being best is DEAD. Why bother playing them? They are all the same and all made to do one thing to people like you, make you addicted until the next version arrives. Lets be honest. This is exactly what they do!

And it begins.

Okay 4 lines in a paragraph. Lets see where you are wrong in these four lines.

-First off, you say story telling based games are the best based on what? Critical reception? In which case, Bayonetta. Sales? Call of Duty franchise.
-Secondly, the very nature of any franchise, both in games and other mediums that focus exclusively on story telling is to make you addicted until the next version. The very nature of film means that when you find a Director whose body of work you really like, you become addicted to his or her work until gasp, their next film comes out.
-Thirdly, I made no judgement about games that focus on story telling, other than the fact that their gameplay needs to be adequate. You know, because gameplay is the interactive part of video games. And interactive medium. In the same way visuals are the most important thing in film, or writing style is the most important thing in literature.
-Finally, what my two favourite TPS this generation? One is Spec Ops: The Line, giving gamings version of Apocalypse Now, a powerful narrative and great atmosphere. The other is Vanquish, a balls to wall fun TPS with little regard to story.

A video game without a story deserves no respect and deserves nothing in terms of merits. All it does is spit in the name of what a modern video game is meant to be and anyone who disagrees with me is part of the problem and part of the reason why people do not respect us or our medium!

Oh, and reviewers even disagree at this point. Considering The Walking Dead was the best video game last year without having any gameplay or barely any at all. It pretty much prove you pacman addicts that story is more important! BHWHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!

And here you fall into the whole Judge Frolio territory like clockwork. While I admire your dedication to this character you've created. This Templar of the character that see's completely in black and white, unable to separate friend from foe and is a danger to their own cause, a little variety wouldn't hurt. Maybe one time this falsity you've creative just sits down, has a nice conversation, admits defeat and uses this experience to reinforce his arguments would make mtjormitch a much more complex character, which would allow him to stay more interesting for longer
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User Info: sharinguy

4 years ago#53
mtjormitch posted...
sharinguy posted...
Gameplay is the most importance part of a video game. Part of the reason some games are feeling souless this gen is because devs are trying to make cinematic experiences and pretty cut scenes.

In reality a game just needs good gameplay, good atmosphere(includes art style/visuals and music ) and good/interesting characters. You could say that the story is completely unimportant because most of the time when people say a story is good they talk about the characters and not the actual story and maybe how the story was told.

As far as story goes you just need a solid introduction/prologue, an ok conflict, some climax, maybe a twist and a ending/epilogue.

Which made them better than any other gen DUE to actually, you know, caring about the medium instead of caring about retro drones such as you. This is effectively what you like more, DO YOU LIKE STORY, OR DO YOU LIKE KILLING AND EXPLOSIONS!!!!!!

One is not like the other and the one that is right is the former one. If you honestly think that the latter is better. Sorry to tell you, but you are honestly wrong. Story has actually become far more important in video games and is here to stay kiddos! Otherwise they would have stopped TEN YEARS AGO! When in reality, it is getting more and more story based, just look at video game designers, they want to tell stories, not create games. That is a insanely good thing. and if you deny them that you are just as bad as Micheal Bay is about anything!

The very fact that people like you exist sickens me as a writer. You don't deserve good video games nor do you actually deserve anything at all. You people who pick gameplay are just as hopeless as those old people who denied TV a right to tell stories, or books, or movies, or comic books, sooner or later, you are all going to die in vain to try and keep your values like this when in reality, you have been wrong from the beginning, just take a look at how video game games are evolving now. They don't need you old fools anymore. Neither do I, I am going to stop talking about this crap, and I am going to become a video game designer... going to be hilarious when you all praise my video games while I pretty much make money off you all. Then when I announce the fact that I will be killing off all my characters due to people like you existing I will cause a very big debate on story vs gameplay, and I will keep doing this until everyone is on my side.

Also, the very fact that people got pissed off at ME3's ending like they did, pretty much does prove story is more important as well. Judging by the reactions it made.

So because I prefer good gameplay over story I'm now a retro dude that plays shooter with explosions only? Wow thank you for telling me that FFT, Shadow of the colossi, Atelier Totori, Deus-ex and Persona 4 golden are retro manly games with explosions and guns everywhere.

Shadow of the Colossi did not have a story there was no narrative, it was the same level of story telling and exposure as megaman 2 on the NES good guy goes beat bad dudes the end. That is not a story that is a setting.

The best acclaimed games both critically and by user are games with good gameplay and mediocre or bad stories games like: Devil may cry series, Bayoneeta, Elder Scroll series, Shin Megami Tensei, Zelda, etc. Also the best selling titles have little to no story like for example: Mario, Pokemon, Grand Turismo, CoD, etc.

I never said games to not have stories, just that games should be games first and not interactive movies or corridor games that run badly which is sadly the case with a great number of games nowadays.
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User Info: NovaKaneX

4 years ago#54
Gameplay. I don't care how good the story is. If the controls ain't tight, I won't even bother. The story is a bonus.
Cot damn!

User Info: LionheartCJ

4 years ago#55

I tend to stick to fighting games, and who plays those for the story

I'm not saying the story is not important but its not a selling point for me with most games - The Legend Of Don Piano

User Info: Hawke0

4 years ago#56
mtjormitch posted...
jammies posted...
Raven_Cyarm posted...
A good story can make me forgive bad gameplay.

That makes one of us.

Deadly Premonition is one of the best games of the decade even though the gameplay is crap. The Story is amazing. Story is just far more well worth playing than for gameplay's sake only. Why play something which is only designed to addict you until the next version of it comes out?

At least story based video games are just plain better than gameplay only ones.

That is the most hilarious thing I've ever read.
Monster Hunter Tri is one of the best Capcom games of this generation.
Of course, that's not saying much.

User Info: Dagorha

4 years ago#57
Gameplay, but only because it is what will ultimately set the tone and pacing for the narrative and a game with broken gameplay will be shelved a lot faster then a game with good gameplay with a terrible story.
You don't get a gold star for being less bloody stupid than another bloody stupid person when you are still demonstrably bloody stupid. -the final bahamut

User Info: tamayamawuv

4 years ago#58
Story. Gameplay alone can't hold my interest; I want a reason for playing the game. I need to want to see what happens next. If the gameplay happens to be great, then great!

But if the gameplay is way too frustrating, even if the story is amazing, I'll drop it and watch a LP of the rest on youtube or something.

So mainly story, but it can't have TERRIBLE gameplay.

User Info: Dagorha

4 years ago#59
You know Shadow of the colossi had no story whatsoever yet the game was memorable and fun

People really aught to stop confusing simple with no story. SotC had a great story so I have no idea what this comment was trying to suggest.
You don't get a gold star for being less bloody stupid than another bloody stupid person when you are still demonstrably bloody stupid. -the final bahamut
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