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Games, RPGs in particular, would be a lot better with rap music

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User Info: CooperRC

4 years ago#261
realskillz1990 posted...
I can tell already there is a bunch of hypocrites in this topic since im sure a huge majority of the jrpg fanbase watch anime and a lot of anime have rap soundtracks to them, I think so many people in this topic oppose this idea because most rap is generalized with black people so if there was a japanese rapper doing the soundtrack for a rpg I can guarantee 100 percent there would be no uproar because the most of gamefaqs ps3 board are weaboos/racist.

I have probably seen more anime than anyone else on this board and I have not yet seen a show with a full rap soundtrack. Finding even a single rap in a soundtrack is not even common. Rap is terrible no matter who sings it including rap in Japanese.

User Info: kingcam07

4 years ago#262
FlameDragn posted...
Reiji Kido99 posted...
FlameDragn posted...

Actually, I'm arguing that rap is music, which it is. You can say otherwise all you want, but it just makes you look foolish.

Therefore it is subjective.


Learn how to argue junior.


Music is like communication. There are many different definitions for it. As long as someone can validly defend why or why not, then they're far as their definition goes. Just because a particular dictionary gives a "definition", that does not mean that is the only valid meaning. One can argue that they have more support for and of an alternate definition. Go figure.

What are all of these definitions, then? Give some examples aside from "I hate it so it must not be music, rahh1!!"

You can invent definitions all you want, but it really doesn't change anything. Go ahead and create your own dictionary. Let that be your reality. One can "argue" all they want, but you have not done that effectively, nor have you validly defended "why or why not" in any meaningful way, except to imply that the definition of music is subjective. It's not :)

Some people argue that to be classified as music, it has to be performed by a musician. The general definition of a musician is someone who can perform on an instrument. Most rappers do not sing, nor do they play instruments. Therefore, rap is not music.

The reason I said learn how to argue is that you are ignoring what I'm arguing. I never said rap wasn't music. I said it was subjective to the individual on whether it was considered music or not. You're picking and choosing what you want to debate because you have the mentality of a 6 year's my way or the highway. I never said you were wrong...just pointing out that your idea is not the only valid one out there.

Wrong. Your implication is that rapping is less of music than singing, why is that false? First of all, they both use the same instrument, the voice. Ok, but one uses it in a musical way right? No, just like the drums, a rappers voice is used in a more rythmic was.

Second mistake is saying that hip hop artists aren't musicians. Besides this being largely false, it forgets what a musician is. Someone who can make music through any instrument. Like it or not, but 808's, keyboards, and samplers fulfill this. Heck, even laptops can be used to make fully fleshed out albums (check out Gorillaz last album) Rap is music, whether you like it or not.
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User Info: MoonlightSword

4 years ago#263
Final Fantasy 4 + Nas = Pure Win $$$
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User Info: TehRYNOL

4 years ago#264
I'm a big fan of hip hop, but I believe that hip hop and video games rarely go well together.

I can't think of any good combinations off the top of my head except when hip hop is played on radio stations such as in GTA.
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User Info: kingcam07

4 years ago#265
TehRYNOL posted...
I'm a big fan of hip hop, but I believe that hip hop and video games rarely go well together.

I can't think of any good combinations off the top of my head except when hip hop is played on radio stations such as in GTA.

The World Ends with You, the Afro Samurai Game (wonderful soundtrack and decent game) Samurai Champloo, Sidetracked. Rap could easily fit into a ton of games, it's in how it's done. The def jam and 50 cent series games, NBA 2K and live series, the Madden Series, Parappa, and tons more.
psn ID: kingcam07

User Info: kingcam07

4 years ago#266
KCJ5062 posted...
I think people who are getting angry at people for disliking rap aren't being rational. To be fair the most popular rap songs happen to be crap like this...

True. Most of the mainstream stuff on MTV, VH1, BET, Radio is complete trash these days. There is good rap out there right now but its just hard to find. However the problem is is that most rap haters judge the entire genre on songs like the video you just posted or songs by 50 Cent or Lil Wayne. That's ignorant and irrational right there.

Also I think you "fans" don't know the different between rap and Hip hop. Rap is horrible emotionless music that berates woman and puts selling drugs and "gettin' money" in the limelight of what's important about life. Nas' song One Mic is an emotional push to explain the horrors of growing up in the lifestyle he chose when he was a young man. That is Hip Hop.

I'm sure most rap fans already knew this. Especially ones born before the late 90s.

Stop, I don't know when people started making this argument, but it was always wrong. Ask any of these rappers that you think aren't making Rap and they'll tell you off. Hip Hop is the entire genre while rap is the art of rhythmic rhyming music. You're trying to oversimplify a genre and make it fit to what you like. But Rap is one of the four pillars of hip hops, and one of two that has stood the test of time. (the other being DJing.) I pray that this rhetoric about rap is never used again.
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User Info: MourningReigns

4 years ago#267
At least replace the J-pop.
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User Info: Lunitik Muzik

Lunitik Muzik
4 years ago#268
ChocoXCheese posted...
Zrodeath posted...
yeah as long as it's japanese rap cause that sounds way better than the crap here

I'm pretty sure that's because the rap in Persona 3 (I assume this is the game you're talking about) was mixed with... some other genre, don't remember what [so it wasn't all bass and vocals (if rap can even be considered vocals, considering it's pretty much just speaking)].

Also, games, RPGs in particular, would be a lot better with more classical music. And opera. Anyone agree?

It's pure pop rap, which is part of Shoji Meguro's musical background; along with Jazz, Electronic, and Rock. What makes this even more hilarious is that you guys that complain about "mainstream rap", but like Persona 3/4's pop rap influenced tracks, aren't even one step removed from a Drake or Nicki Minaj.

User Info: Killingjoke_666

4 years ago#269
i just have the internet radio on when I play if its boring
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User Info: jrr18

4 years ago#270
MourningReigns posted...
At least replace the J-pop.

with iron maiden.
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