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Games, RPGs in particular, would be a lot better with rap music

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  3. Games, RPGs in particular, would be a lot better with rap music

User Info: paperwarior

4 years ago#71
Rap is fine for something like Anarchy Reigns but RPGs need the kind of music they have currently.
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User Info: EvilSock1990

4 years ago#72
how about more games with custom soundtracks?
then everyone can be happy

User Info: Norken

4 years ago#73
This is coming from a black guy born and raised in OAKLAND CALIFORNIA:

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User Info: Obsidus

4 years ago#74
Norken posted...
This is coming from a black guy born and raised in OAKLAND CALIFORNIA:


Amen. I don't like Rap as a music form, but I grew up in Chicago, and a lot of early 90's rap is pretty decent; modern "rap" is almost entirely disgraceful garbage that makes One Direction look like Mozart.
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User Info: ToboeAka

4 years ago#75
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User Info: FlameDragn

4 years ago#76
Nintendological posted...
sparticusjoe posted...
Astroshak posted...
"Rap music" is a contradiction in terms. You sing to music, you don't talk to it.

And the only thing that would be enhanced with Rap is ... the landfill, where the CD's and memory chips holding "rap music" get tossed.

As old as it makes me sound when I say it... This. I agree with this man.

Allow me to remedy your ignorance

1) Music (noun)

a : the science or art of ordering tones or sounds in succession, in combination, and in temporal relationships to produce a composition having unity and continuity

2) Song (noun)

: the act or art of singing
: poetical composition
a : a short musical composition of words and music

Poetry over music indeeds constitutes a song, because a song is spoken (rapped, spoken, sung), music is played. They are not synonymous terms unless you are too uneducated to know the difference. Rap is as much a song style as is spoken word, singing or even the screaming popular in post hardcore subgenres of rock.

ITT: People who don't know the definitions of the words they use

ITT: People who don't know much about music and songs.

Wow. Has that stick up your rectum always been a measuring stick or did you have to grow it? Music is relative. I don't care what the dictionary has as it's meaning. Each person's definition of music is an individual choice. There are no clear rules/boundaries that define the term "music".

User Info: FlameDragn

4 years ago#77
Ertrick36 posted...
Eh... Only if it's good like the Beastie Boys. Though I really can't imagine any sort of JRPG having rap music.

Otherwise, I'd have to go with computer generated music and symphonic music. Some games could also do with some classic rock/punk (or maybe some newer stuff, though I'd be reluctant to put something like Green Day in any games), though I'm not so delusional to believe that JRPG's and hardcore punk would go well together. Then again, what you think should be in games is completely dependent on your taste in music. If I were to be put in charge of the soundtrack of any given game, most people from the newest generation (Generation Z, or all those born in around the 2000's) would probably be turned off by it; my tastes more follow those of the previous generation (for which I am a bit glad, because I really hate the fans of Justin Beiber and other pop culture icons of this day).

LOVE the Beastie Boys...Pretty funny considering they weren't really a rap group.

User Info: FlameDragn

4 years ago#78
jrr18 posted...
Games need more iron maiden.

This. Brutal Legend comes to mind.

User Info: BoomerTheGreat

4 years ago#79
I agree rap should be in RPG's but make sure the rap songs are revelant to the game. I love how Samurai Champloo has rap in the anime. It adds so much energy to the fights and suspenseful moments. It has the best soundtrack of any cartoon. No other music form has the artistic nature and energy as good rap.
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User Info: MourningReigns

4 years ago#80
Rayved posted...
Um, you should've named some good rap artists in your exemple. Snoop Dog, Eminem, Dr Dre, Ice Cube, you know...

I only like good ones.
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