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PS4 how much are you willing to pay?

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User Info: Vidius101

4 years ago#121
$500 max.
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User Info: jrr18

4 years ago#122
400 500 if it has backwards compatibility.
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User Info: BMac89

4 years ago#123
$400-$500 max on the system another $300-$400 on games and another controller.
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User Info: Tj_11

4 years ago#124
Depends on the games that will be released/announced.
As someone already said, I'm not gonna make the same mistake as I did with PS3 again. Been stuck with games that I didn't really liked ( although pretty good looking ones ) for way too long and spent more time replaying to PSX/PS2 games as well.
Actually that's the reason why I didn't got Vita yet. Price doesn't matter that much, but no point to buy a console with no games.

~500 euro if there will be enough of quality and preferable original titles released/announced. Tired of endless sequels tbh.
~0 if it'll be like at PS3's release. Generic racing game A, generic FPS B, sport games and maaaaybe some good game release in 2 years.

User Info: minjonator1234

4 years ago#125
Five Hundred and Ninety-Nine U.S dollars
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User Info: keyblade_lord

4 years ago#127
$599 US Dollars
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User Info: logolo

4 years ago#128
600 also.
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User Info: FFXSage

4 years ago#129
Lodiss posted...


Sorry, but you're an idiot. Goes for everyone else in this thread too. I just paid $199 at gamestop for a slim.

And you got it 6 years later than us lol. So I payed $600 dollars for 7yrs of ps3, you paid $200 for 1yr of ps3 before it becomes obsolete. I got the way better deal.

launch: $86/yr (7)
now: $200/yr (1)
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User Info: blingus

4 years ago#130
As I usually try to not to post in these topics, I felt this one required my attention.

I foresee 2 PS4 variants and the main difference will be backwards compatibility, price and maybe some extras to get customers to pay for the "premium" package.

If there is BC I'd gladly pay $500 US for it. There is no way I'd pay more than $400 US for a PS4 without BC.

And to everyone who has reservations about purchasing new consoles at launch, I feel the exact opposite. Launch is when you get the relative best price because the manufacturers are selling below cost. Remember when the $600 60GB PS3 was actually costing Sony almost $1000 to produce, package and ship to store?

I do understand that because of YLOD and RROD that people can be weary now but I also believe that M$ and $ony have learned their lessons from the mistakes (well hopefully M$ mostly) and will make sure to release their next gen with strict QC.

That being said, I still have my OG PS3 and the only problem I had with it was lens failure about a year ago. Bought the proper replacement for about $40 and replaced the part myself. I also had the launch 360 that didn't RROD on me at all. When Halo Reach was released, I decided to get the Reach 360 and gave my brother my launch 360. It RROD'd on him within 6 months. Good timing or different handling?
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