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What incentives could people have for buying a PS4?

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User Info: Grizzle1981

4 years ago#1
I'm trying to think of what kind of features would come with a next generation system to make the public want to buy it. When I look at the PS3, I don't think it's reached it full potential yet and need a next generation. Making a new system almost seems unnecessary at this point.

Looking back on past generations, I can understand the appeals that came with the systems:

PS1 - disc based, focus on graphics, cd player
PS2 - greater focus on graphics, dvd player, backwards compatibility
PS3 - bluray player, netflix type service access, internet, online heavy use, greater focus on graphics, wireless controllers, in house purchasing with the "store", centralized desktop
PS4 - ???

The only thing that is always a constant is the greater attention payed to graphics. Other than that, the only other technology that I can possibly see as a draw is if they used Cloud service for owning games (once you buy something you always own it on the cloud and can download it from the servers when you want to). ... and naturally more hard drive space.

I don't understand what they could offer people as a draw to buy their systems other than:
better graphics - expected
continued franchises - expected
larger storage space - hopefully

I mean, I under stand the draw that Xbox has with introducing a bluray player into their systems but ps3 has already done that. And Xbox is working with their Kinect technology as well where as Playstation hasn't really secured that market. With PSVita being rather minor, they can't focus their efforts into cross play and expect it to suceed.

Anyway ... enough of my jabbering. Can anyone explain why we need another playstation system already? (I'll probably buy it ... but I don't know why we need it.)

P.s. - Sorry if this has been posted before, but I haven't been on the site in a long time and don't see any topics discussing it.
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User Info: private400

4 years ago#2
most gamers want more powerful consoles
Compared to Pc's today Ps3 is a dried up fossil.
this gen is already going on for 8 years.
its just time to move on
you don't really know a woman 'til you've had a strong drink and a fistfight with her. - nord wisdom from utgherd the unbroken

User Info: AmyUnleashed

4 years ago#3
Here are some reasons

The Games/Exlusives <<< The Main Reason
Hopes Of New Age Graphics/Full 1080P 60FPS gameplay
(Hopefully) Free Online (As Micro$oft wont)
Unique Features It Could Bring

User Info: LinkMaster2703

4 years ago#4
You make a great point and the answer is definitely "no one knows yet." Sony and Microsoft really need to give people a reason to need a new console. People like to mock the Wii U's sales but I think the PS4 and 720 could be in an even worse position, the PS3 and 360 are still selling well and most people who just bought a current gen system won't be interested in jumping into a expensive new system that has a small library at launch.

User Info: FullmetalNoob

4 years ago#5
From: private400 | #002
most gamers want more powerful consoles
Compared to Pc's today Ps3 is a dried up fossil.
this gen is already going on for 8 years.
its just time to move on

Comparing any system to PC's would obviously make the system seem much worse.
CrimsonGear80 posted
Oh, and eventually, no one is going to give a **** about this.

User Info: Fungum

4 years ago#6
Won't be getting it at launch. Probably not for over a year after launch.

The only thing that has ever interested me in consoles is games. Netflix, Youtube, Browsers, all that garbage is bloatware for my console. It's never used. I buy a console to play games. Well, the Wii turned into a netflix device when I want to watch it on my TV instead of my PC. Even then, it could go and I wouldn't care.

A console's main and only focus should be games. Unfortunately, that's not enough with today's "gamers."

User Info: Universquall

4 years ago#7
Have to buy one. I don't want to abandon console gaming.
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User Info: Grizzle1981

4 years ago#8
Thank you for all of your comments.

I don't know anyone outside of this website that plays games on their computer except for my friends wife who plays the sims on her laptop. So I don't agree with the statement that power and graphics are what people crave.

I personally have always let the games dictate what system I want to buy and when I wanted to buy it (ie - when the library was large enough to warrant a console purchase). However with the PS2, I bought it even earlier because i was excited to own my first DVD player (my first two purchases were Shadow of Destiny PS2 and The Mummy DVD). With the PS3, it wasn't until Batman Arkham Asylum came out that I bought one and jumped at the opportunity to finally have a Bluray player and watch Final Fantasy Advent Children Complete.

Over time I got Netflix and learned to greatly enjoy the option of using the store for trying demos, buying games and catching up on tv shows. Hell, at first, I was a huge fan of Playstation Home as well and must have put about $100 into it.

But all of these incentives were a sign of technolgy in the world evolving. Since then, there is only 1 real advancement that I can see and that is the use of the Cloud. I might be short sighted ... but I agree with LinkMaster ... they need to create a reason for me to buy their system.
This post is 100% opinion unless stated otherwise.
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