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Your Favorite Game, Band, and Book.

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User Info: snaggleoooo

4 years ago#61
Game: Final Fantasy X
Band: Led Zeppelin
Book: The Lord of the Rings

User Info: dankanefan

4 years ago#62
Game: WWE series (If I had to choose one, I'd go with No Mercy)

Band: Bone thugs-n-harmony (rap), Breaking Benjamin (since you said band)

Book: To Kill a Mockingbird or Of Mice and Men (My Gaming Blog)
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User Info: rschrake86

4 years ago#63
Metal Gear Solid 1

Black Sabbath

Anarchy Cookbook

User Info: Robur1985

4 years ago#64
Game - (series) Final Fantasy

Band - KoRn

Book - The Dark Tower I - VII
GamerTag : Robur1985
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User Info: dankanefan

4 years ago#65
CathickleSquall posted...
Game- Golden Sun: The Lost Age
Band- Three Days Grace
Book- The Green Mile - Stephen King

What do you think of the recent news with Three Days Grace? I just got into them about a year ago (though I like a few of their songs before that). I'm a huge Breaking Benjamin fan so it was kind of an off-shoot of that. (My Gaming Blog)
@SacCityGamer ~

User Info: DivineWraith

4 years ago#66
Game - EarthBound. (SNES)

Band - Sepultura (With both leads. Max and Derrick are both awesome)

Book - Stephen King's "IT". (To this day, still the only book I willingly read of my own volition.)

User Info: aneurysm

4 years ago#67
rschrake86 posted...
Anarchy Cookbook

Some may never live, but the crazy never die

User Info: lambchips

4 years ago#68
Stanger5150 posted...
Non-Fiction- The God Delusion

im reading this now (the one im reading is by richard dawkings)
you should check out gods debris (it was the first of these books that made me took an interest in the genre)

aneurysm posted...
My brother gave me Musashi the other day. Haven't got around to starting it yet

when my friend first asked me to read it, i saw how big it was and was kinda put off...
i still read it because i promised him i would read atleast 5 pages before dropping it...

a while later that 5 pages turned into 1 chapter and soon enough i couldnt put it down... i want the leave the library because i was that hook

i finished the book in around 3 weeks i think which i thought was impressive (for my first real novel)
^ this was around 6 years ago when i didnt care about reading.. much has changed since then and i love books more than games nowadays
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User Info: Red_Fiend

4 years ago#69
Game: FF7
Band: Deftones or Cold
Book: Promise of the Witch King or anything by R.A. Salvatore

User Info: Pox

4 years ago#70
Game - FFTactics
Band - Red Hot Chili Peppers
Book - That's a hard one. Old Man's War/Count of Monte Cristo/Game of Thrones/The Hobbit (By far, better than LotR)
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