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rate my colection

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User Info: LUCIUS 20

4 years ago#1

Walking dead
Sleeping dogs
Megaman 9 and 10
Assassins creed revelations
Assassins creed 3
Nba jam
Retro city rampage
Anomally warzone
Bioshock 2
Street fighter 3
Street fighter 4
Dungeon defenders
Quantum conundrum
Max payne 3
Dead space
Mirrors edge
Costume quest with add on
Dead space 2
King of fighters 13
Call of duty modern warfare 2
Nfl blitz
Star hawk
Uncharted 1,2,3
Need for speed the run
Saints row 2
Scott pilgrim vs the world
Double dragon neon
Borderlands with add on
Crysis 2
Dust 514
Bloodrayne betrayel
Pacman championship edition
Renegade ops
Gotham city imposter
Batman ac
Red dead redemption with add on
Wipeout and fury
Virtua fighter 5
Little big planet 2
Ratchet and clank all 4 one
Warhammer 40,000
Zombie apacolypse
Sideway new york
Mass effect 2 and 3
Pixle junk shooter
Jak trilogy
Just cause 2
Infamous festival of blood
Dragon age 2 with add on
Resident evil 5 gold edition
Call of duty 4
Dc universe online
Assassins creed brotherhood
Dragon age origins with add on
Resident evil 4
God of war 1 and 2
Call of duty classic
Burnout paradise
Beyond good and evil
Little big planet
Infamous 1 and 2
Lara croft and the guardian of light
Monkey island 1 and 2
Red faction guerilla
Killzone 2 and 3
Tales of monkey island
Marvel vs capcom 2
Tmnt turtles in time reshelled
Ratchet and clank quest for booty


Chronovolt fooseball 2012
Retro city rampage
Tales from space when mutant blobs attack
Jet set radio
Gravity rush
Assassins creed 3 liberation
Rayman origins
Blazblue continuum shift
Uncharted golden abyss
Ultimate marvel vs capcom 3
Wipeout 2048 with add on
Metal gear solid hd
Moto storm rc


Pinball heroes uncharted
Splinter cell essentials
Final fantasy 4
Metal gear solid peace walker
Metal slug anthology
Tactics ogre
Gta china town wars
Teken 6
Def jam fight for new york
Jak and daxter tlf
Guilty gear xx accent core plus
Blazblue calamity trigger portable
Prince of Persia rival swords
God of war ghost of Sparta
Prince of Persia revelations
Assassins creed blood lines
Final fantasy tatics war of the lions
Dissidia 012 prologus
Logans shadow
Mega man maverick hunter x
Modnation racers
Little big planet
Street fighter alpha 3 max
Wild arms xf
Kill zone liberation
God of war chains of Olympus
Lunar siler star harmony
Soul caliber broken destiny
Loco roco 2


Metal gear solid
Track and field
Hot shots golf 2
Legend of dragoon
Chrono chross
Resident evil 2 and 3
Chrono trigger
Blood omen legacy of kain and soul reaver
Breath of fire 4
Parasite eve
Vagrant story
Legend of mana
Saiyukia journey west
Arc the lad 1 and 2
Front mission 3
Bloody roar 2
Rayman 2
Crash bandicoot
Wildarms 1 and 2
Final fantasy 7,8,9
Castlevania symphony of the night
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User Info: TomDangerfield

4 years ago#2
Black 1 Fc: 2709 0967 8461

User Info: jrr18

4 years ago#3
Needs mass effect 1
Victory over Namco destroyer of games through superior fire power!
PSN jrr101

User Info: wstfld

4 years ago#4
Last Played: Civ 5 G&K (9.5/10)
Now Playing: XCOM Enemy Unknown, Civ 5, DmC, SOTC HD
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