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Do Games Suck Now a Days Or Am I just Older

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User Info: eziokratosleon

4 years ago#51

User Info: cyberkyber

4 years ago#52
For me I gotta say the replay value has died for me, I usually just finish a game then shelf it.
Games like golden axe, streets of rage 2 I played over and over again

User Info: Zrodeath

4 years ago#53
i think it's that we get older and just find other things to hold are interest
i mean some games still hold my interest but i just cant get into them as much as before

User Info: Gamerater66

4 years ago#54
It's just you, I'm liking games nowadays, especially Halo 4.

User Info: Cloud069

4 years ago#55
You need to find a game which will re-inspire your gaming habit. I felt the same way until I played Persona 4 golden on the vita, its got me hooked into gaming all over again.
PSN: Cloud073

User Info: ChiefCole

4 years ago#56
The ps2 definetly had a better library than ps3. That's pretty much the only thing that was better previously.

User Info: Dragonyeuw

4 years ago#57
I can't say if games are better of worse, but I do know that I tend to overthink about gaming nowadays. As a kid, either you got a game as a gift or you saved up money from your allowance/summer jobs to buy one game, maybe two at most. So each time you got a new game, it was like an event. You played the hell out of that game until you were in position to get another one. I remember getting Blades of Steel on NES and Zelda II for xmas one year, it felt like the greatest day of my life and I played the hell out of both games. Who knew when I'd get another one??

As a working adult, aside from having responsibility and priorities that take precedence over gaming, because I can generally afford a game anytime I want that bit of 'magic' is gone from anticipating a game for xmas or saving up for one like I mentioned earlier. I have a backlog spanning about 10 systems that I'll likely never clear. I also tend to look moreso at prices and determine if a game is worth it at $60? $50? How many hours of single-player mode? 10? Meh, I'll wait till it hits $30. All of these thoughts run through my mind now, when before as a kid I simply.... gamed. No worrying about what resolution the game runs at, how many hours is the gameplay, how many frames per second, and all these other factors. Hell, when I was 13 I'd look at the cover and back of the box, if it looked cool I wanted it. I didn't have the internet to log into gamefaqs or some other site and read 100 different opinions on the game or read a bunch of fanboy drivel.
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User Info: pecorre

4 years ago#58
I started gaming with the NES and owned pretty much every console since then.

Some of my favorite games were released this gen. Like Dark Souls, Ni no kuni or Catherine. I still have some faith in the gaming industry. Too bad JRPGs are almost dead.

User Info: Rafedx

4 years ago#59
Jwilliams8102 posted...
So its been probably a year maybe two since I even had a PS3 and I was just thinking is it just me or are games horrible now a days. When I bought my PS3 their wasn't any real titles that I wanted. The ones that I did didn't hold my interest at all except for a few but seriously.

2-3 games that legit hold my interest vs the entire library of 500+ games?

I know the 2-3 that did interest me I got a couple hundred hours out of.

Anyone agree/disagree what are your thoughts?

You're getting older, look at the library of games for each system to ever come out and you will notice there are always been tons of terrible games. The big difference for people is how many games created for a particular system fit YOUR taste, going by that you can get a good idea of if a system was worth it for you.

I have only like 30 PS1 games, 20 PS2 and almost 50 PS3 games so obviously I have been enjoying my PS3 more so then PS1 and PS2 for the most part. My 360 has 3 games, so that says something about that system. lol --> Terra: a Science Fiction Webcomic / Updates every 15th of the month.

User Info: Shineboxer

4 years ago#60
You're older, you're more mature and your taste is more refined along with your expectations.

I used to like JRPG's but now abhor them for what they truly are.
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