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Rank the Final Fantasy titles you've played from greatest to worst

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User Info: Unbridled9

4 years ago#161
10 > 4/6 > 5 > 9 > Dissidia 2 > Dissidia > MLaK > 1 > Tactics Advance > X-2 > 13 >12 > 8 > 7 > Dirge > 2 > CC > 3

10 is the best IMO

4 and 6 are pretty split and I could flip on which is better all day.

5 was just fun and light-hearted on the whole.

9 was a great tribute to the original even if not everything worked together.

D2 was fun, not much else to say on it other than I felt it was a big improvement over D1, which was still fun.

MLaK was a great piece of relaxing play.

1 is just flat-out classic.

Tactics was interesting, but kind of felt bland and the rules were... *strangles a judge*

X-2 had fun gameplay and *might* have had a good story if it hadn't been murderated by it's 'feminine' side.

13 was... Interesting but the battles were just too fast.

12 kinda got boring and I REALLY hated the license board. Plus Vaan and Penelo, while not horrible, should not have been in the story.

8 could have been REALLY fun if they had just made drawing better as well as gotten rid of many of the stupider card rules.

7 was just bland on the most part aside from a few stand-out scenes.

Dirge was just a TPS with FF trappings.

2 could have been something, but it jumped between loleasy and OMGWTF hard too much.

CC... might have been a LOT of fun if it wasn't for the damned chalice! Plus all the extra things needed if you wanted to play with friends.

3 was just all-around underwhelming.
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User Info: bbv92628sm

4 years ago#162
Tactics > 6 > 9 > 7 > 10 > 5 > 12 > 4 > 1 > 8 > Tactics Advance > Crisis Core> Crystal Chronicles > Dirge of Cerberus.
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User Info: Rocketdot

4 years ago#163
4 - tactics - 10 - 7 - 1 - 6 - 5 - 8 - dissidia duodecim - crisis core - X2 - 12 - 13 - 11 - tactics advance - crystal defender - chocobo tales

User Info: QR474

4 years ago#164
7, 9, 5, 1, 3, 4, 6, 13, 13-2, 12, 8

Worst ------------------------------Best

User Info: iAmTheTot

4 years ago#165
Just main entries:
7 > 12 > 9 > 4 > 6 > 13 > 8 > 10 > 1 > 10-2

Tactics entries:
They're all really, really close but.... TA2 > T > TA

Various entries:
CC: My Life as a King > CC: My Life as a Darklord > Crystal Chronicles (GCN) > Dirge of Cerberus > Mystic Quest

I'm glad to see that while I'm still a rare breed, I'm not the only one who puts 12 high on their list.

From: QR474 | Posted: 1/29/2013 7:31:40 PM | #164
7, 9, 5, 1, 3, 4, 6, 13, 13-2, 12, 8

Worst ------------------------------Best

I'm sincerely wondering if you're just being a hipster with number 7. I can understand it not being your favourite, but the worst? Come now....
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User Info: CyhortI82

4 years ago#166
TheTygerfire is the love of my life.
I believe in the Straight Edge Savior and the Mizziah I love DLC :)

User Info: nedrith

4 years ago#167
FF ranks change quite frequently with me, they are all so close, however I would probably go:


With that said I enjoyed them all and It's really, really hard to rank them. Easier when seperated into components like story but I would save the above is close.

User Info: kirusu

4 years ago#168
think i wont be participating in this one.
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User Info: Taran_McDohl

4 years ago#169
For me...
Best to Worst
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User Info: Weejiez

4 years ago#170

Tactics is the greatest Final Fantasy ever created. Anyone who says anything else is a dirty liar...
"The cruellest thing you can do to an artist is tell them their work is flawless when it isn't"~Ben 'Yahtzee' Croshaw
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