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Your Best Impulse Buy and your Worst Impulse Buy

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User Info: _Deadeye_CM_

4 years ago#11
Echo127 posted...
Best: Alice: Madness Returns
Worst: MX vs ATV Reflex

^^I remembered having a ton of fun with ATV Offroad Fury 2 on the PS2, and I assumed that MX vs ATV would be the PS3 equivalent. Turns out its just terrible.

ATV Offroad Fury games were awesome.
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User Info: Aalvi

4 years ago#12
PS All Stars

That game is absolute trash
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User Info: Talgrund

4 years ago#13
Best: Suikoden - I bought it new probably back in 1998, the terrible cover almost made me pass on it entirely.

Don't really have a worst choice that I can think of. I'm fairly picky about which games I actually spend my money on.

User Info: seanxp2005

4 years ago#14
Best: Red Dead Redemption
Worst: Vampire Reign Altered Spices.
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User Info: awesomesauce13

4 years ago#15
The only impulse buy I can think of is Monster Hunter Freedom for the PSP, which turned out to be one of the best games/series ever.

User Info: drags_

4 years ago#16
My worst impulse buy was my WiiU, I honestly wasn't interested in it at all until the night before launch. I decided that if I wake up early I will buy one now, if not wait a while. The last time I turned it on was over a month ago, I wanted to play Mario last week but my gamepad battery was dead so just I went back to Borderlands 2 instead of charging it.

Best impulse was Borderlands GOTY, I was so burnt out of shooters but saw it on sale so I picked it up. I spent many hours playing it, now working my way through the sequel. Honestly it's probably my favourite new ip this gen besides BioShock.
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User Info: yuber112

4 years ago#17
Best: Suikoden

Worst: tie between BF3 and Black Ops 2 (They're both pretty terrible)

User Info: Power Turtle

Power Turtle
4 years ago#18
best, FFT. Hated it to pieces at first (was new to gaming, only played rpgs and didnt know what TACTICs was.. just saw the FF name..) but over the years i have come to cherish that game.

worse.. Kid Icarus Uprising. it was just bad all 'round imo. bought it ony cause it was one of the few must have 3ds games other than mariomariomario and i felt bad for my 3ds.. havent touched my 3ds since. yuck.

User Info: BokuxPico

4 years ago#19
I bought Noby Noby Boy on impulse. It was cheap so not much of a less. It was mildly amusing.

User Info: DrunkBeardGuy

4 years ago#20
Best- Prototype 2 Blackwatch Edition for the same price as standard, figured why not? Loved every minute.
Worst- Fallout 3. Bored me to tears. I love Morrowind, Oblivion and Skyrim, but that was just a chore to play. Maybe it's the setting.
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