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Your Best Impulse Buy and your Worst Impulse Buy

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User Info: jammitin

4 years ago#31
Best: Fatal Frame
Worst: Headhunter
Waiting for Bioshock Infinite

User Info: Maximilian101

4 years ago#32
Best: probably between harvest moon back to nature(ps1), timesplitters (ps2), burnout (ps2), sky oddessy (ps2), the punisher (ps2) or Vanquish (ps3).
Worst: Star Wars rebal assault 2 (Ps1). Horrible, horrible 'game'.

User Info: megamatics

4 years ago#33
From what I can remember of my large collection these are the games I feel stand out the most as splurges in it.

-Borderlands (Was good but I didn't think it warranted a sequel since there was really no more developments in the gameplay past the point of earning the vehicle to drive around in)

-Assassins Creed 2 (Fun the first time through but then got horribly boring since it really didn't offer much of a challenge)

-The Warriors (Game based on an occult classic but probably one of the best PS2 games out there...Don't get tricked into buying the XBLA game as it is a crappy beatem up)

-Tales of destiny (I didn't think this game was that good but it sparked my interest in the other tales games when I finally played it after it being in my backlog for so long)

- Oddworld Munch's Odyssey (I'd say the best Oddworld game of them all, don't be put off by it's 3d gameplay elements..really fun)

- Dead or Alive 3 (Bought this along with Munch's Odyssey...The boss is super cheap but it's a good game)

-Wild Arms 3 (Bought a long time ago after a field trip from school with the 30 dollars I had saved up for it...The gift shop had seriously underwhelming gifts for a museum...Oh! and fun game that would spark my interest in purchasing the rest of the series of games)

- Syphon FIlter Omega Strain (Ugh...3 dollars down the drain)
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User Info: desertman

4 years ago#34
Best: Sleeping Dogs
Worst: The Polynomial

User Info: WildCard44

4 years ago#35
Best: Armored Core 4 for the ps3. A day later I bought for Answer. Made me buy all of the older games I could find off of psn.

Worst: Kill.Switch for the ps2. I was bored and I saw it for 6 bucks. I can honestly say it was not worth the money.

User Info: 5orrow

4 years ago#36
Best: Dragon Quest VIII
Worst: Lollipop Chainsaw
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User Info: Mr_GreenX

4 years ago#37
Best: Conker's Bad Fur Day
Worst: Street Fighter X Tekken

User Info: DTM847

4 years ago#38
Best: Star Ocean 2. Must have been right around 1999 and I saw it for sale at Blockbuster in a generic case (I never buy games w/o the original case). Now Star Ocean is my second favorite RPG series, eclipsed only recently by Mass Effect.

Worst: LittleBigPlanet. Got it right after I got my PS3. Played for a few hours and just could not find a reason to come back to it.
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User Info: pakathecat

4 years ago#39
Best recent impulse buy was Far Cry 3. I'm not a big FPS fan, but I really love it so far. Can't think of any that were really bad, though most of my impulse buys are when I see something very cheap (FC3 was an exception on that one) so I'm not out too much.

User Info: nintendoguy91

4 years ago#40
Worst: CoD MW3..........
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