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Demon's/ Dark Souls question

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User Info: Camiguin99

4 years ago#11
if you wanna enjoy Both games start with Demon souls, you will appreciate the upgrades/adjustments they made for dark souls. this way you get to love 2 games one with a very low price.

if you play dark souls first you might not like demons, same thing like women if they dated a guy with a car, they will never date a guy with a bus pass again.

you dont down-grade you upgrade, now go enjoy demons souls its an amazing game.
only game I found so unique you get summoned by a game character to fight for him and defend him from an online player.
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User Info: ScreamingMidget

4 years ago#12
Camiguin99 posted...
you dont down-grade you upgrade,

If that's the case he should play Dark first. :p

User Info: CatalystGuitar18

4 years ago#13
I find that Demon's Souls was a very uphill struggle to learn right off the bat, but both games are about as equally forgiving. Dark Souls has more save points, and Demon's Souls has this thing where if you get to a certain point in the level, there is usually a switch or something that you can throw that enables a shortcut back to where you were from the spawn point in every level.

From a gameplay standpoint, I find Dark Souls to be a bit darker and more frustrating near the end, whereas Demon's Souls doesn't really throw a lot of curveballs at the player in terms of level design. Near the end of DkS, everything is really dark and the player is in caves where enemies can't be damaged or hurt without special items or status ailments that the player intentionally inflicts upon themselves. It just is a much more stressful experience.

So, in conclusion, I would say that Demon's Souls has a better endgame, but Dark Souls has a much, much better beginning as is overall just more polished and expansive than its predecessor.

Both games get my personal score of A+ out of Hugh Jackman.
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