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what dead, presumed dead, and extinct game series you want back

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User Info: Darkive

4 years ago#311
Undead_Yakuza posted...
- Tenchu
- Shinobido
- Fatal Frame
- Manhunt
- Valkyria Chronicles
- Metal Slug
Silent Hill's Darkest

User Info: EternityUnknown

4 years ago#312
Phantom Dust
Knights of the Old Rebublic (no, SW:TOR doesn't count)
.[dot]Hack// (...I guess they came out in Japan?)
Darksiders (Very first PS3/7th gen game I owned)

From: CKnight | #295
With online being so huge I'm surprised we didn't get another Phantom Dust.

Never did get a chance to play it online :(

Also, this:
Star Wars Battlefront

This guy are always sick. No, way? Off course! That's how touph he is... beacause he is... a puppet...

User Info: VerityBugg

4 years ago#313
Star Ocean
Star Wars Battlefront

User Info: hhjghbhghnmh

4 years ago#314
I'd bet it's been said already, but Dark Cloud would be cool.

User Info: roadtosalvation

4 years ago#315
I don't know, am I the only one that doesn't want certain franchises to come back? Some of them should STAY dead...

I mean the Mega Man X series served up some real crap after Mega Man X4 and then Mega Man X8 is DUMB enough to give us an actual interesting twist when the games obviously weren't selling enough to RESOLVE said twist... THANK YOU for that one Capcom!

And I'm sorry to Wild Arms fans... I will always love the first two games but the series time on the PS2 was PAINFUL! Yeah, I own them all (and I haven't played XF yet) but dude, it was time... it was time. Outside a few great tunes and some of the better moments in 4 I was done with the series when some of the crap in 5 (that even novice RPG makers would avoid in this day and age) reared it's ugly head.

User Info: paralyzed21

4 years ago#316
grandia and mirrors edge |

User Info: ThePWBPoster

4 years ago#317
Def Jam series. If they hadn't messed it all up like they did with Icon and kept the formula FFNY had it would've been huge. With all of the new blood in the rap scene they can easily build another game around it but keep the fighting/wrestling formula Fight For NY had.

User Info: CocaCola0703

4 years ago#318
Star Wars Battlefront 3

User Info: brycemorr

4 years ago#319
Give me RIDDICK RIDDICK RIDDICK RIDDICK RIDDICK! Obviously Chronicles of Riddick.
psn: bdawgtimes84

User Info: Minamo

4 years ago#320
Ape Escape
Haunting Ground
A real Parasite Eve 3 and not the horse**** that SE shoveled out on PSP.
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