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How much can I get for my PS3 and games?

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User Info: GNS1310

4 years ago#1
Considering selling my PS3. I never use it. Just not into next-gen gaming. I go back and play the old PS2 games all the time, GTA etc, and spend time playing Zelda and whatnot on my Wii (haven't bought the Wii U yet), but I rarely, if ever, touch my PS3. Last time I used it was to play GTA3 that I downloaded. I've never even finished GTA IV, hate the way it plays, but I've 100%ed all the PS2 GTAs countless times. Hell, I'd rather go play the original Tomb Raider, then fire up a game of Madden...

I'm curious as to how much I can get for it. I was looking on Ebay and see prices around 200-300...I was thinking more than that. It's got very little use on it, I've played thru GTA3 and a little GTA SA, and a few hours of Madden. Bought it a few months back, the Madden 13 edition, came with Madden and MLB (still unopened) and the 320GB system.

I've got 4 downloaded games and probably 100+ Rock Band songs downloaded.
20+ games
Madden 08-13
MLB 09,11 and 12 (unopened)
Three NFS games
Rock Band 1 and 2 (also including RB2 drums, double-kick, RB guitars, RB 2 guitars (2 of each) and mic.)
GH Metallica
Buzz (with 'game show controllers' -great drinking game!)
Nascar 08
Burnout Paradise
Eye of Judgment (with a ton of cards)
(I know the older games aren't worth crap)

I'm thinking that's at least a four-hundred dollar bill right there...maybe I could even try to barter....get myself a PS2 in real good shape and a Wii-U!
Really looking for some help...honest answers!

User Info: GNS1310

4 years ago#2
also included:

3 controllers
$80 WiFi 'N' Bridge
(Now I'm thinking $500)

Hell, I'll even toss in a $5 clip-fan that was ON every time the PS3 was on. That's how I kept my original for so long. Keep 'em cool!

User Info: DocDelicious

4 years ago#3
I'll give you $10.

Nah, first; the downloaded games and songs mean nothing as they're attached to your account and will be wiped when you reformat your HDD.
The Guitar Hero stuff adds a bit to the value but, it isn't as popular as it used to be, so not much.
The router and controllers obviously add a bit.

If you still have the box for the PS3 I, personally, would put it on eBay starting at $150-200 and set a reserve of $350. If it sells; great. If not; see how high the bids went and adjust your starting/reserve accordingly.
Keep in mind that you can get a brand new 320GB Slim or 500GB Super Slim for only $300 nowadays.
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User Info: robhoo1

4 years ago#4
2 fiddy.
PSN: rob302

User Info: riddlebox89

4 years ago#5
Downloaded games and any DLC is useless, it doesn't increase or decrease the value of the console, so you can't really ask someone to pay for something like that, especially when, if they didn't want it, they can't sell it.

Yeah with almost nothing but sports games and racing games...I highly doubt you'll end up getting $500 out of all this, $300 to $350 maybe but no more than that.
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User Info: kcheung5440

4 years ago#6
Put it on ebay starting at $.99 and let the free market dictate.
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User Info: ReasonisTreason

4 years ago#8
I'd sell my PS3 too if all I had was that s***
Aim for $200 and give yourself a pat on the back if you can hit $300. The problem is the game library. Those are the games you typically see at GameStop in the "under $10" bin because literally no one wants them. :\
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