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Who's the most over powered Final Fantasy protagonist?

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User Info: MegaMettaur

4 years ago#51
I will stand by yuffie as long as she has her conformer and high level materia equipped.
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User Info: MegaMettaur

4 years ago#52
chaosflame108 posted...
mogar002 posted...
Zidane is a planet buster. he's not; he has the potential to planet bust, but as of the end of ff9 never fully reached it.

He probably still could have, if he wanted to. Kuja was sent to do Zidane's job, because Zidane wasn't gonna do his.
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User Info: Dorami

4 years ago#53
Astroshak posted...
For low levels where monks would use the wooden chucks, they would do comparable or better damage than a warrior. That their bare fist damage is not as good as their nunchuks damage at those low levels is not relevant.

At level 1, a Monk has 5 str and is not guaranteed str growth every level. A Warrior has 20 str and is guaranteed to gain 1 str every level. A wooden nunchuck has 12 atk to a rapier's 9 and a short sword's 15. Monk at L1 would have a damage rating of 15.5 to the Warrior's 19, and the Warrior is expected to pull ahead with levels unless the Monk gets lucky.

Monk has 5+3% hit per level to Warrior's 10+3%. A wooden nunchuck has 0% hit to the rapier's 5% and short sword's 10%.

A Monk can never have better expected weapon damage than a Warrior because of the difference in their str stat.

Eh - the way I played FF1, I stayed around the elf town long enough to actually be able to afford the best gear from there - meaning that I was grinding out gold, and as a logical consequence to that, levels.

In the NES version of the game, blk belt was doing more damage to Kraken, Tiamat, and Chaos at levels 23 and 24, compared to the warrior in the group. Below level 23, the blk belt would hit a lot of times, for a grand total of 1-2 damage, but at and after, they would hit for full damage. Without using gimmicks (such as stacking a White Mag/Wiz evasion spell numerous times to ensure never getting hit) the lowest level party I beat FF1 with was two 23's and two 24's.

These level statistics indicate the limitations you have to play under because you tried to replace a Warrior with a Monk. A 3 Warrior 1 RM party can blitz through the game without stopping to grind at any point, while substituting a Warrior or RM with anything other than these two classes will make Marsh Cave a significant obstacle. Similarly, if you beat the game at L23, the obvious conclusion is that you beat Tiamat before L23, ergo your Monk was hitting for a lot of times for 1-2 damage.
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User Info: Million_Eyes

4 years ago#54
From: Bekness | #010
zyrax2301 posted...
Aalvi posted...


Protagonist bruh

There was a huge debate on the RPGs everything else board a while ago, about what defines a protagonist, whether it's the main character, or the character the plot centres around etc.

So basically you had a big debate because none of you actually knew the definition of the word?
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