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Crysis3 looks like a ps2 game wtf is this?

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  3. Crysis3 looks like a ps2 game wtf is this?

User Info: deathsaber79

4 years ago#71
Yeah sure, go youtube Red Faction on ps2 and see what a fps really looked like on ps2 and then come back and say this again about Crysis 3.

User Info: SuperShadowAce

4 years ago#72
riddlebox89 posted...
SuperShadowAce posted...
Their porting a top of the line PC game to 7 year old hardware.

If you don't like the PS3, why are you hanging around here? There's no point preaching about how high and mighty the PC can be, it only makes you and others like you look like arrogant jackasses.

I do like the PS3 though. My trophy level is 15. It's just hard to deny the fact the Crysis 3 is made for PC's and then getting ported to 7 year old hardware.

2013-2006= 7 years. <----Good comic
Game contact information in profile.

User Info: king_madden

4 years ago#73
i dont think people remember ps2 graphics.

User Info: LionheartCJ

4 years ago#74
Joeydollaz posted...
Are you fools on mollyes?

This beta looks crap, go compare crysis 2 beta footage it is way better

Btw notice the red banner basically saying sorry for the garbage game

We might change everything you see before we ship it

Thats what makes me wonder if this is just a barebones net code
Mostly beta run and not an actual demo of the online graphixz

Blackopa2 looks good compared to this and that game has crap
Graphixz to.

How does black ops 2 have BAD graphics?, people today are so spoilt and ungreatful. try playing some old school atari games then complain about graphics - The Legend Of Don Piano
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  3. Crysis3 looks like a ps2 game wtf is this?

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