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LOL at Dead Space fanboys......

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User Info: rschrake86

4 years ago#81
TheMcKnightMare posted...
jason19192 posted...
Fanboys be trying to defend the game's completely lack of horror because it needs to evolve. I've also heard that since Isaac knows what he's going through it should be less scary. LMAO so why is Resident Evil 3 Nemesis the scariest Resident evil game ever which had the same character from the first game and had much better mechanics than resident evil 1.

This may be the stupidest paragraph I've ever read on GameFaqs..... Or anywhere else

User Info: JohnHitman47

4 years ago#82
Agreed 100% with TC, those who think DS 3 its scary must think that RE6 its scary too.
Love good shooters and horror.

User Info: IChangedMyName

4 years ago#83
JohnHitman47 posted...
Agreed 100% with TC, those who think DS 3 its scary must think that RE6 its scary too.

Different kind of scary, Dead Space has ALWAYS been about adrenaline scares. Enemies do a ton of damage and having to aim for limbs adds to the pressure.

RE6 has absolutely no scare, never once in RE6 did I have to worry about my well being. You comparison is terrible but then again your judging a game thats not released based on what? Content they plan to release? Modes they've revealed? Things that are there but aren't mandatory?

Cheese with that whine?
I play a lil bit of everything on a lil bit of everything.
Not changing this until we get a Viewtiful Joe 3 or HD collection of VJ 1&2 (started 8/14/12)

User Info: SomnusNemoris

4 years ago#84

User Info: Trespasser2003

4 years ago#85
This topic almost makes me feel like horror might be subjective. Weird.
scott came. ugly face so killed him. 4// itchy. tasty.

User Info: Pharsti01

4 years ago#86
Not really agreeing with what the TC is saying, but i am going to take a step back on DS3, after playing the demo.... i dont know, there was something missing, it felt.... common?

Hard to explain, ill still get the game, just not full price, canceled my preorder, got other games on february to plug that hole.

User Info: DrunkBeardGuy

4 years ago#87
The series is glorified jump scares, if you people honestly think it was anything more than that, you're fooling yourself.

What they do best is atmosphere, and this is just a natural evolution for the series. DS1 laid the ground work, DS2 got a little shooty, and this one is going full blown out with necromorph armies.

I've never seen anyone piss and moan more than gamers about something so trivial. Holy **** I can roll, they ruined my game! You all are hilariously sad.
May the odds be ever in your favor

User Info: awesomephatman

4 years ago#88
SomnusNemoris posted...

Clearly, TC lifts.
If I could become the servant of all - no lower place to fall.
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