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The Reason as to why JRPGs are in their current state

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User Info: nouseravailable

4 years ago#91
EurAsianGirl posted...
They're not localizing the great, traditional JRPGS that we WANT to play! Instead publishers like NISA and Aksys give us moe/loli junk that no hardcore RPG gamer truly cares about. They don't just give us bad JRPGS, they taint the whole image of JRPGS which pushes the mainstream even further away from them!

Huh, you shouldnt blame nisa and aksys. They always localized this kind of game. Not to mention, a few like Sakura Wars and Ateliers are quite decent. ALso, you shouldnt treat those companies as if they were a collective mind altogether. If S-E didnt localized Type-0, it have nothing to do with NISA localizing Neptunia 10. That is pretty much what "taints" the image of jrpg (not that we should care about that). Its grabbing the worst case available and generalizing it to the whole genre and everything that country produce. That is what the press does...I absolutely love Dragon Age Origins but i still liked both The World Ends WIth You and Radiant Historia better...
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User Info: calhoun1389

4 years ago#92
From: EurAsianGirl | #026
BokuxPico posted...
There were more JRPGs being made on the PS2. Even if you count handhelds and unlocalized games there was simply a boat load of more JRPGs made on the PS2. Partially because some studios have gone out of business and it's not as profitable anymore to make them.

I ask again, why are the few QUALITY ones passed over for the shovelware?

Probably because a story based genre can only last so long before the defining differences between the games becomes the art and names. Genres that don't rely heavily on their story to be good (action, FPS, etc.) won't have this issue because they can give out a really crappy story and still be good due to story being an after thought. RPGs, on the other hand, can only have so many games before the scripts just start looking the same sans the names of characters and locations. I mean, how many "A must save the world from Z with the help of B, C, D, and E" games are there already? For a genre that relies 80% on story to sell games, there is a surprisingly low amount of ideas that haven't already been made. Join and make friends.
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User Info: SomeMacGuy

4 years ago#93
because the formula still works
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User Info: calhoun1389

4 years ago#94
From: SomeMacGuy | #093
because the formula still works

If the declining global interest and sales, along with the decreasing safety of publishing the games for consoles suggest anything it's that the genre is getting stale and needs a break before making a big come back. Join and make friends.
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User Info: grungastzenki

4 years ago#95
I agree with TC about publisher like NISA and aksys keep making Loli and weird games and it gives JRPG a bad rep in general, but that only one of many reason why JRPG is in this current state.

I think i understand how TC feel. I am very tolerable person i play Mario, pokemon and little big planet and i don't feel the game is childish at all, the gameplay is great that all i care about.
I play tales series, persona and kingdom heart and i don't feel the game is loli and cliche at all , the story is great and the gameplay is amazing.

But game like atelier and many NIS games is just to f***ing weird to my taste. Even disgaea is still too weird for me, even though the gameplay is great, the character and the story is just too ugh........ cliche and weird. And i say to myself oh god stop making Disgaea on console and start making FF tactics and Tactics Ogre instead.

event though Tales games and Atelier games is both anime style, i think many JRPG fan realize it to the different between them. One is badas* anime like Dragon Ball, One Piece or Code Geass the other is weird kind of anime
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User Info: Sighto

4 years ago#96
Please tone down the bigotry EurAsianGirl.

User Info: RPG maniac87

RPG maniac87
4 years ago#97
EurAsianGirl posted...
Nightmare637 posted...
opinions, I like them.

lets agree to disagree.

Fine, I just wish more traditional, quality and classic JRPGS got localized.

Are you for or against them? You seemed to be insulting those same JRPGs in your next post.
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User Info: chaosflame108

4 years ago#98
Call of Duty is the bane of all existence.

User Info: Sinfullyvannila

4 years ago#99
EurAsianGirl posted...
Sinfullyvannila posted...
EurAsianGirl posted...
Sinfullyvannila posted...
Your qualifiers for a serious JRPG.

Non-Moe art style
Long, epic story
Medevil, steam-punk or some other kind of fantasy world
Good characterization
A World Map. (Preferrably, some JRPGS just use connected roads like the Grandia and Legend Of Heroes series, as well as Tales Of Graces F, I do prefer a World Map though.)

Oh yeah, I thought of some pretty big ones:

Phantasy Star(Sci-Fi setting)

Final Fantasy(short story, no characterization)

Dragon Warrior(Quest) No plot, no characterization.

Those are the cornerstones of traditional JRPGs, so honestly, I think your prerequisites are off.

The first JRPGS that were on the most primitive consoles don't count.

Why not? They are the foundations of the genre. They are the ones that established the "tradition" in traditional.
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User Info: Skull007o_O

4 years ago#100
This gen has incredibly raised the bar thanks to the golden era of multiplayer and shooters. Therefore, a JRPG cannot even sell 10% of what a shooter does, and because of that, they move on to handhelds, because it's not that expensive to develop games there
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