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Funny how murder is more acceptale than rape in gaming

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  3. Funny how murder is more acceptale than rape in gaming

User Info: jammies

4 years ago#191
jammies posted...
Trolling: Provoking other users to respond inappropriately

Successful topic is successful.
I find television very educating. Every time somebody turns on the set, I go into the other room and read a book.
Groucho Marx

User Info: killak

4 years ago#192
From: BluntChick | #190
Nope, they asked for it by starting the thread.. Its like hitler got what he deserved! The mods didn't act, so I decided to take matters into my own hands! For one because it pissed me off and another because I need a challenge and there is no such thing out there in cyberspace anymore.. Do we still call it cyberspace? Whatever, who cares?

But you didn't take matters into your own hands. You just came onboard and flamed and threatened.

And in case you're wondering, yes a rapist is just as bad as hitler in my eyes just to save you the trouble of asking and me having to answer..

I don't think rape compares to genocide, but you're entitled to your thoughts.

And you think thats rage?? PFFT! Anger a scorned woman for real and see what happens! Like I said, you know where to find me and I could use a challenge! ;)

Somehow I don't think you're going to offer much of a challenge on twitter, as much as someone that just shouts obscenities over and over. And moving from one cyber battleground to another, just so you can swear and be offensive, is kinda hypocritial since you're trying to quash an offensive topic.

If you could truly debate the issue, you could do it here.
Greer Logic: "I don't want a game that's always the same. I want a game that never changes"

User Info: yellowduckvg

4 years ago#193
Personally I don't think you can measure human suffering..........both are wrong immoral acts that have sweeping effects....We should just leave it at that.

User Info: HorrorSindicate

4 years ago#194
I'm a fan of both.
I've seen the future, baby: it is murder
(message deleted)

User Info: killak

4 years ago#196
From: Motsu | #195
Taking the lives of 20000 enemies <<<<<<<<< one sex session then it comes to severity in games.

lol, that's a really good point.
Me -

User Info: marvelite50

4 years ago#197
This may have been posted earlier, but I don't care to read through 20 pages of hooblah.

Society in general sees rape as being worse than murder due to the fact that you can see the impact on the victim of a rape. When someone is murdered, they're gone. When someone is raped, everybody can see the effects it has on them.

In video games and other forms of entertainment the situation is a little different. In most cases the murders that occur in these mediums of entertainment are justifiable. As in the case of the Laura Croft example, she is forced to kill someone who is trying to kill her. You can justify murder in games in that way. However, there is never a justifiable reason for rape.

User Info: killak

4 years ago#198
When it comes to games, rape just isn't necessary at all, whereas killing has been crucial since the earliest video games. A way to know that your enemy is defeated and you are the victor.

Rape is just too offensive in a video game.
You don't ever go full Greer
(message deleted)

User Info: HorrorSindicate

4 years ago#200
RomanBlade00 posted...
Kamex posted...
It's not just in gaming.

Because murder can be "justified" in however many ways in a story. That's why in games, books, and movies it's easy to find a hero who has killed or currently kills people.

But there is no such justification for rape.

You get sympathetic murderers, but you don't get sympathetic rapists.

What if the woman was dressed all sexy, wasn't she asking for it? Surely there has to be some sympathy for the man in this case.


Sounds like Dialogue from ISOYG. I don't think Jonny was supposed to be a sympathetic character.
I've seen the future, baby: it is murder
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