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The most overrated game of all time.

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User Info: bigmanryan

4 years ago#261
I love Final Fantasy VII, but it has plenty of flaws. Most people won't even acknowledge them and treat the game like Jesus in the form of an RPG, or something like that.

User Info: Terotrous

4 years ago#262
Norken posted...
I thought about it for the FFX but then I just decided to let it go. I personally liked the sphere grid and BLITZBall but wuteva.
Some people like Dragon Quest style others want a newer version of Rpg. I like both but lean more to the Dragon quest.

I actually like Dragon Quest, particularly DQ3 on GBC and Dragon Quest Monsters. But one of the big differences between DQ and FFX is that FFX is also really easy and doesn't have much depth. DQ's encounter rate is generally pretty low, but you have to grind and prepare your team well or you'll get slaughtered when you do get into battle. In FFX, you end up fighting a ton of battles simply because you're constantly thrown into them. They're never hard, in fact, the vast majority end before the enemy can even act because the correct character will almost always one-shot enemies.

Blitzball was okay. It was probably one of the only good things about the game. Incidentally, did you know that Blitzball is an exact clone of a game series called Captain Tsubasa? If you enjoyed Blitzball you might want to check it out.

Even 20 years ago, the gameplay was literally the exact same. - Watch me beat "GBA Summon Night Swordcraft Story" - My backloggery

User Info: MotiJr

4 years ago#263
FF 7, FF X, God of War, Uncharted, Halo, Gears of War, Disgaea etc etc.
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User Info: Fear the MONKEY

Fear the MONKEY
4 years ago#264
psn id: FearTheMonkey

User Info: shooterfan22

4 years ago#265
I think GTA IV is no longer overrated since everybody on this topic seems to hate it.

Oh, I do too btw ;)

User Info: FF_Fiend

4 years ago#266
The first Mass Effect game is almost unbearable to play. I never even made it to ME2 and ME3 because the first one was so bad. Half of the game is having conversations. The other half is driving around in an all-terrain vehicle that gets trapped on the slightest jagged rock. And did you know every other planet is covered in impassable mountains?

The characters are cliche archetypes, the dialogue is painful.

It's such a shame, because the fictional world is beautifully realized and extensive. Some of the quests are actually interesting. Until you realize your quest is to "click on a planet, get to waypoint, and either talk a guy out of being a jerk or shoot him in the face".

I don't know if I'll ever try ME2 or ME3 because of how much this game pained me to play.
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User Info: kylemcauliffe15

4 years ago#267
Terotrous posted...
kylemcauliffe15 posted...
After 9 hours Okami is boring.

If it even offers 9 solid hours that's an improvement. That's also fairly long by 3D Adventure standards anyway.

I actually don't care how long a game is at all. I was stating WHEN I lost interest, it doesn't matter if I did at the first hour mark or the last hour mark. What matters is I LOST INTEREST because it got BORING. The pacing rubbed me the wrong way and that's that.
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User Info: DefYouth

4 years ago#268
Norken posted...
The first game that came to mind was FF7 but then i began to really think about it just a little bit more and then suddenly... Halo, god of war. Resident evil 4, FF6, some of the Mario games, Pokemon, Beyond good and evil, Omikron, Metroid, Half life series, and then it HIT me....

Where are they overrating Omikron? I thought I was the only one who liked that game.
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User Info: Norken

4 years ago#269
shooterfan22 posted...
I think GTA IV is no longer overrated since everybody on this topic seems to hate it.

Oh, I do too btw ;)

The critics make this game overrated for FOREVER
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User Info: Fulvip

4 years ago#270
GTA games.
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