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Beat Ni no Kuni, time to list 5 Level-5 games that are superior

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User Info: ManuKesna

4 years ago#11
Nope! Not really! I didnt even know who studio ghibli was before ni no kuni
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User Info: killak

4 years ago#12
Ni No Kuni is superior. Exceptional quality
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User Info: velvet_hammer

4 years ago#13
killak posted...
Ni No Kuni is superior. Exceptional quality

high production values dont = best game.. But I respect your opinion, where those others level 5 games not quality?
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User Info: NineSkiys

4 years ago#14
Dark Cloud 2 is amazing and a classic JRPG to me, I'm liking Ni No Kuni a lot; but it's hard to rank it next to such a classic game.

Either way, both great titles.
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User Info: PoorCountry

4 years ago#15
velvet_hammer posted...
PoorCountry posted...
Very biting observation. "The people who made it are the only reason people are interested in what they made." Ouch!

ghibi didnt make the game.. anyways it was kind of similar to DQ8 and having the DBZ dude on board, but at least that game was amazing..

What are you discrediting Ghibli for? Programming? Oh no, they didn't program it. If they didn't stare at code with the technical team of Level-5, they didn't make the game.

User Info: JuanZolo

4 years ago#16
I think Ni No Kuni is their best game.
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User Info: Seifer_us

4 years ago#17
Hmm... I would definitely put Ni no Kuni over Jeanne D'Arc. That game was pretty mediocre. I would agree that Dragon Quest VIII is better, but I wouldn't say IX was. Honestly, I'm not sure how much credit you can give Level 5 for Dragon Quest considering both VIII and IX were done under Yuji Horii's direction and with his scenario. I like Dark Cloud 2, but I'd say it and Ni no Kuni are on roughly equal footing. Rogue Galaxy was okay, but the plot was terribly insipid, so I'd put it with Jeanne D'Arc.

Overall, it's not their best game, but it's better than a lot of stuff they've churned out. Certainly better than their recent Time Travelers, although I've heard good things about Fantasy Life. I can't speak to the Layton, Danboru Senki, or White Knight stuff because they hold no interest for me.
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User Info: OEIO999

4 years ago#18
I only have two, that I've played:

Dark Cloud 2
Dragon quest 8
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